365 days
of hospitality ads

And you could get 1 of them, for free.

365 days of ads.

I’m going to create an ad a day for the next 365 days. And one of them can be yours. For free.

What this means?

  • Just fill in the questionnaire. You can pick from a series of ad-types (see questionnaire).
  • Every day, I will use a random name picker and one of the applicants will get lucky. 
  • I will create the ad for you: the text, the visual.
  • You will get the ad from me, together with a few tips from me on how to distribute the ad.
  • I will share the outcome in the Facebook Group and on my blog, so others can be inspired by them, too.

Why am I doing this?

  • I want to inspire more hospitality brands, and what better way to do this than by involving my Facebook group members.
  • I'm challenging MYSELF, but… why not create something useful? I could go and make ads for 365 days for fictive brands, or big hospitality brands, but I’d much rather make something you can actually USE.
  • And… it’s a great way to hold myself accountable.

Each day, I’ll share the outcome in the  Facebook Group and on my blog, along with some of my thoughts behind the ad.

Participation is FREE and you are, of course, NOT obliged to use the outcome. I won’t have the time to do revisions, so you can decide whether you want to actually use the created advertisement or not.

Hence… you’ve got nothing to lose. We got more members than days in the year though, and new members joining us everyday, so it’s going to be a draw. Everyday I’ll use a random name picker wheel to decide who’s up first.

The first 20 spots are taken by the Tremento Tribe members and my clients, so they’ll be the first ones I’m going to create and share. After that, it’s time for you guys.

Now, cross your fingers.

And don't forget to share this challenge with your hospitality colleagues.

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