Editable Content Calendar February 2021

Hi there Tribe members,

So February is coming up. Lots of things are happening at Tremento. We are wrapping up some web design projects, logo design projects and getting started on new adventures. A few new social media content membership clients, too.

For all of these clients, we use our Tremento Tribe calendar. Our writers use this calendar to write the content for our partners. A multifunctional tool: you guys use it, and so do we!

Anyway, all the new content for this month is in the calendar. I’ve also pasted it down below, in case you prefer this. I’m realizing that, for some of you, it might be better to just receive the complete overview via e-mail each month. If you prefer that, then just let me know.

Of course, as always, use the editable content calendar together with the ideas in the Tribe Area Calendar (at the top of the page in the Tribe Area).

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