Editable Content Calendar – September 2020

Hello hello!

So here we go, the editable content calendar for September 2020. You can use this one along with the Tribe Area and our content model Spark, Foster, Move to optimize your content scheduling. Watch onboarding video 3 to learn how to do this properly.

Please be aware: using this content calendar does NOT mean that you can’t improvise anymore. You can also change the dates, move different posts around, and so on. There are no rules, just remember that certain holidays are certain days and it’s not really up to you to decide when 9/11 is. 

So what I mean by that: you can move content ideas around and schedule them on the days you like, but I wouldn’t recommend posting about 9/11 on the 30th of September. Get it?

Alright, now go get that calendar!

PSSSST: the upcoming PDF of the example calendar can’t show the emojis that are embedded, that’s why you sometimes see the weird, blank squares in the texts!

“Eh, yeah, but how the heck do I use this thing?”


Well… Watch the video. It’s explained in onboarding video #3.

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