General Onboarding

Before we get started, I just wanted to say I am so thankful and happy to welcome you as a member to the Tremento Tribe. Together we are going to kick some marketing ass!

Here are the first steps:

  1. Join the support group on Slack.

Join Slack via the set-up guide here: click.

In Slack, there will be 2 groups waiting for you. The #tribe channel, with all your fellow tribers, and the channel with your brand’s name (#yourname). This second channel is meant just for you, to chat with me.

For now, it’s a channel where you can ask me all your questions, but at some point these next few months, I will probably have someone join the support team. This second person will then also come into our channel (#yourname), so we can make sure you always get an answer within 36 hours.

  1. Watch the video below

  1. Get started!

Now, let’s get to work. Start creating some posts, watch one of the Master Classes, and optimize your profiles. Scroll around the different pages and explore! Don’t forget to watch the onboarding videos, without watching them you won’t be able to truly benefit from all we offer!

Each month, we publish at least 2 Master Classes. Generally speaking, we want to post 1 ‘basic’ Master Class and 1 ‘advanced’ Master Class each month. Sometimes we may post more though.

We will host polls where everyone can add and vote for their favourite new Master Class idea. This way we can assure that we tackle topics that you actually want to learn about (and not just what we think you want to learn).

Again, thank you so much for joining.

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