Attract more REAL fans via Instagram

Organic growth, no bots, targeting people who will actually be interested in your restaurant, hotel, accommodation, BnB or café. Are you ready to grow?


An extension of your own team

  • See us as an extra staff member who's 100% focused on reaching out to potential guests via Instagram.
  • We find your target audience based upon hashtags, your location, and your competition.
  • No bots, but real people doing outreach.

Let's start the conversation

We search Instagram for people who might be interested in your hospitality business. Potential guests. How? By searching for people within your area (geotag), hashtags and competition.

We then start the conversation, and afterward hand it over to you. Scroll down this page to learn more about the workflow.

How to grow on Instagram as a hotel

No Monthly Fees

Instagram is always changing. Our system doesn't use any bots and is purely focused on organic outreach and growth, but we never know how the platform will change. That's why we don't offer (yearly) subscriptions. Instead, you pay us per month.

We have 2 packages available.

What Makes This Different?

So what makes this service different from all the Instagram Growth Services you see out there?

Real people

First and foremost: we are real people connecting with real potential guests. No bots means no risk for your account.

Powerful Engagement

We reach out to your target audience with likes, comments AND private messages.

Increased Followers

This system helps to grow the number of followers of your account AND the overall engagement.

More Likes

Because of the direct message conversations, Instagram assumes you and this person are friends. Meaning Instagram will make sure this person sees your future content.

Your Tone of Voice

We act as you. That's why we try to get to know your tone-of-voice in the onboarding. Once defined, it's time to rock'n'roll!

Focus on Hospitality

We offer this service only to hospitality brands: accommodation providers, cafés, restaurants, food and travel bloggers, and likewise brands. We understand your market.

What's the workflow?

Obviously, you want to know what happens after you sign up. It's easy.


After signing up, you'll get an onboarding form with some questions so we know your tone-of-voice, target audience and of course, Instagram login details.

Let's get started

The first next Monday is when we get started on your account. For 4 weeks, we will reach out to people within your target audience. We will like their posts, comment and send them a DM.


We start the conversation, and you keep it going. We will provide you with handy examples to make it easy for you to establish a relationship and get more guests.

Choose Your Growth

We have 2 packages available: Play and Boost. The Boost package comes with extra engagement and ups the number of people we reach out to with 10 per day.


Time to grow that account!
95 4 weeks
  • We start on the first next Monday
  • 20 accounts per day
  • Likes, comments, DM!


Step up your Instagram Game
125 4 weeks
  • We start on the first next Monday
  • 30 accounts per day
  • Likes, comments, DM!
Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from euros.

Have Questions? Look Here.

We all have questions, all the time, right? Right. Let's dive into them.

Nope, we don't. The reason is simple: we don't use bots or software, meaning each account we reach out to costs one of our team members their valuable time. And time, as we all know, can't be refunded!

Yes, you absolutely can! We encourage you to, even. Would you follow that person if their last post was from 30 days ago? Probably not. Hence: the more active you are, the higher the chances of someone following you. We drive traffic to your profile, but it's up to you to make that profile look good and alive.

We will reach out to be people on your behalf, but it's up to you to keep the conversation going. We'll make sure to include a question in the DM we send out, so the likelihood of the person responding back is quite high (at least 50% per day tends to answer, but often way more). We will give you a few ideas to keep the conversation going.

The Instagram Direct Message is basically where the magic happens. It's the funnel. It's where you establish a deeper relationship, and where you can invite potential guests to an offer.

All information we require will be asked in the onboarding. Please note that we will need your Instagram username and password. Instagram will send you a security message the first time our team tries to log in. You'll probably receive a code, which you then have to forward to us as soon as you can. If you take too long, we'll ask Instagram to send another code 😉

Heck yes! You'll probably be able to keep an eye on the growth yourself, but upon completion, we will send you a brief report with the total increase of your followers.

Still have a question?
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