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It’s the one thing our Tremento Tribe members seem to want the most: grow their following.

Although perfectly understandable, I feel like I need to re-emphasize it: content is king. Please make sure you got your content sorted out before you get going with this technique. The tactics explained in the following video and guide will always work, but will work much more when you’ve got good and consistent content on your Instagram Feed.

Hence… I ask you to please go through the full onboarding first and use the Tribe calendar for your content.

Once you’ve got a content system set-up for yourself (you can use our workflow), get started on this.

GOOD LUCK! Questions? Slack!

Case studies

In August, we did a trial with 3 of our Tribe members.

We started on 03-08-2020. These were the starting numbers:

Dunluce Fiordland – 144 followers

Blessings on State – 379 followers

Alantos Zirgai – 1379 followers

You can see the results in the follow-up: click here!

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