Let’s prepare for the shortest month of the year

Hi there Tribe members,

So February is coming up. Lots of things are happening at Tremento. We are wrapping up some web design projects, logo design projects and getting started on new adventures. A few new social media content membership clients, too.

For all of these clients, we use our Tremento Tribe calendar. Our writers use this calendar to write the content for our partners. A multifunctional tool: you guys use it, and so do we!

Anyway, all the new content for this month is in the calendar. I’ve also pasted it down below, in case you prefer this. I’m realizing that, for some of you, it might be better to just receive the complete overview via e-mail each month. If you prefer that, then just let me know.

Monday 01

Shortest Month of the Year

It’s here, the shortest month of the year!

So, what are your business’s goals for this month? Your plans? Anything special coming up?

New deals, new menu items, maybe something for Valentine?

Excite your followers with whatever you’ve got planned. Let’s get them hyped up a little!

Wednesday 03

Hump Day

Hump Day: we’re halfway through the week. Wednesday is by many people seen as one of the toughest days of the (work) week. But the good news is: once it’s over, weekend’s close. Give your followers a little love and motivation to keep going. Maybe you can delight them with a photo of one of your rooms, or one of your meals that’s available for take-away.

Friday 05

World Nutella Day

I couldn’t skip this day: World Nutella Day!

Celebrate by showing off your most delicious Nutella or Chocolate based dessert. Does your dessert not actually have Nutella in it? No worries, just make sure it’s cacao rich and tell people “It might be World Nutella Day but this [name of your dessert] blow the classic Nutella out of the water”.

Don’t have anything chocolate related on your menu, or available for your guests? Not even hot chocolate?

Then it might be time for a chocolate-related meme. I mean, they’ll always work.

Saturday 06

Snack Away Saturday

Saturday: the perfect day for relaxation, Netflix, a stroll around, and just tranquility. And… a good day to munch away on your favourite snack.

Show what snacks you offer to guests when they stay at your place, or when they visit you. The small nibbles, the ‘borrel’ as we call it in Dutch, or the cookie with their coffee.

Tuesday 09

National Pizza Day OR Valentine’s Day Promotion

I know, we’re getting into a foodie sphere here lately. But Pizza Day is not something to take lightly. This globally recognized dish is one of the World’s Favourite.

Hence: today is a good day to talk about the influence of globalization on your cuisine, or to talk about that pizza on your menu, or to highlight that famous local Italian restaurant.

Plenty of options!

But…. if you don’t want to tackle this, then use today to promote your upcoming Valentine’s Day deal or special. Because you’ll have one, right?

Thursday 11

Throwback Thursday

A Throwback Thursday could be adapted into your content schedule every week if you wanted to. It’s an easy kind of social media post, yet so powerful. We all love a throwback every now and then, especially now during covid.

Dive into your archive and find something post-pandemic. You could even take a look and see if you can find the exact photo you posted last year on this date, or a photo that you took with your phone. If those two are both not available, then just find something taken during another season. A photo full of, you’ve guessed it: carefree happiness.

Friday 12

Chinese New Year OR Valentine’s Day Promotion

Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunar calendar. Don’t worry though if you can’t “celebrate” today Chinese New Year’s lasts 16 days! Pfff, they know how to party.

Anyway, you could highlight it in your Instagram post today. Put extra promotion on a Chinese related dish, or highlight a local Chinese restaurant. Or… You can promote your upcoming Valentine’s deal or promo again. Only two more days!

Sunday 14

Valentine’s Day

Cupido, cupido, it’s time for Valentine’s Day!

The day of romance, of clichés, of broken hearts, red roses and chocolate boxes. And… of your Valentine’s Deal Promo.

Please don’t just focus on couples though: also talk to those who are alone today OR who are celebrating with their best friend. They might be an even more ideal target audience for you. You decide.

Anyhow, promote the heck out of today’s deal. It’s okay: Valentine’s Day is purely a commercial holiday anyway.

Monday 15

Share something personal or about your brand’s values

Alright, back to our values, back to what your brand stand’s for. Enough promotion has been happening lately with the most commercial holiday of the year (yep, Valentine’s Day). So, let’s get back to the basics.

Remind people again what YOU stand for. What YOU do and WHY you do it. A direct and to the point reminder about this every now and then won’t hurt your followers.

If possible, then make it personal. Record a quick, short video, or find a portrait photo, or a photo of a special moment related to your business.

Wednesday 17

Area show-off

You want people to visit you? Then you want people to visit your area as well. It’s unlikely people will flock to your hotel, restaurant or BnB only for you. There must be more in the area to see or do. Or… maybe they’re just living nearby. Could be the case. But even then, the area show-off post holds its value. Because locals LOVE being reminded why they should be proud about their locality.

So tell something cool about your area today. Don’t just show a highlight or something like that, no, tell something that’s truly worth being proud of. Something that happened here, or something that your locality achieved. Something memorable.

Thursday 18

Drink Wine Day

As a true wine lover, I couldn’t skip this day, and you, as a hospitality brand, shouldn’t either. Drink Wine Day ought to be a global holiday (and not just something from the US/social media). Let’s make it bigger.

Promote the best wine on your menu today, or the most ordered one, or show people who are staying at your hotel or BnB how they can get their hands on a specific wine. Or highlight a nearby winery, if there is any. I bet they will return the favour.

Do you not serve any alcohol? Then just make a recommendation for a wine to go along with your/a dish at home (take-away).

Friday 19


Frrrrrinally, it’s the weekend.

Let’s keep today’s post short and sweet. Grab a catchy one-liner and run with it. Find a matching photo and of your post goes.

Sunday 21

Shoutout to your followers (follower repost)

Let’s find the best photo taken by your followers recently and repost it to your own channel. Do ask for permission if you can. Doing this last-minute? Then make the shout-out (giving credits) extra clear. If someone’s profile is set to public, they often won’t mind the repost anyway. I’ve never had trouble with this (ever!).

Do make sure to give those credits though, either in the picture and in the caption, or one of the two.

Also, add some words of gratitude, and tell people what the reposts mean to you. This will help in building a relationship and stimulating engagement.

Tuesday 23

Share an opinion

Brands too often shut their mouths about what’s happening around them or in the world. Whereas brands who DO put a stake in the ground are the ones most remembered and most top-of-mind. Brands like Oatly, TOMS or, yep, Tesla.

What’s your stance on a recent, trending topic? It could be either something global or local. Pick a topic that’s relevant to your brand, and talk about it.

Thursday 25

Corona update

It’s been a while since out last corona update. Time to write about it. What’s happening in your country, in your town, and what safety measures are still in place? How are you coping? What do you want your followers to know about you?

Get as personal as you feel comfortable getting. Don’t overdo it if that doesn’t match your brand though. If you’re more formal, then stay that way, and just wish people all the best in these crazy times.

End on a positive note, look towards the future.

Friday 26

Weekend deal/promote something

The weekend’s here: no better time for take-away, booking your next holiday or day dreaming about future trips. Take advantage of today’s spike of happiness on social media and post something positive.

You could promote the perfect meal for today, your weekend’s special, or a deal for the nearby future to stay at your place. Yep: a promotional post. Seems right after going so personal last week.

Sunday 28

Monthly wrap up

Last day of this very short month! Wrap it up.

That’s it for February! Can you believe how quickly this month passed by? Eh… yeah, obviously: it was the shortest month of the year. As I’m writing this it’s still halfway January. I can honestly say I hope February brings good to all of us in the world. By now, the US should have a new president, many people should’ve been vaccinated and… the days in Europe should be getting longer, the sun rising earlier.

Plenty of things to be happy about. And with all the drama on social media, I’d recommend you to do just that. Try to sum up the good things that happened this month. Cheers!

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