Marketing and social media made easy for restaurants, BnBs and hotels.

This is for (small) hospitality businesses who struggle with 🤯:

  • coming up with new content for your social media
  • getting more likes, followers and engagement
  • using online tools for graphics, scheduling posts, and much more
  • (paid) advertising and promotions, turning 'lookers' into 'bookers'

You can master social media.

And you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.
You just need someone to help you. 

All you really need are templates, a workflow and coaching. And that’s exactly what we offer you.

Every month you'll get a complete Tremento Tribe Package, with a content calendar, prompts, templates, tips, support and feedback.

And don't worry if you feel like a dinosaur when it comes to social media. With our support, social media will become easy.

We'll be your personal success coach.


Streamline your social media and marketing easily.

What is the Tremento Tribe?

One membership that provides hospitality brands with everything to make communication and social media easy 💪

P.S. Support is also available in Dutch!

Content Calendar

No more "oh no, next week is Father's Day!". We provide you with a handy content calendar and reminders, so you never miss out on holidays again.

Caption Ideas

The calendar comes with content and caption ideas which you can use for your social media. 4-5 new prompts every week, including examples.

Design Templates

Don't waste money on graphic designers for small tasks. The membership includes templates for, photo editing apps and more, every month.

Master Classes

Tutorials on how to use different tools, optimize your profiles, grow your reach and much more! At least 2 a month, and you guys get to choose the topic.

Personal Success Coach

Feel empowered and stay on track: we will manually check in every now and then to make sure you succeed. No members are left behind.

Support Team

Templates, designs and prompts are useful, but what makes this membership truly worth it, is the support team. Feedback and answers to your questions within 36 hours!


Connect with other members from all around the world. In our Tremento Tribe members group we give each other feedback, share ideas and help each other to grow on social media.

Discounts on courses and products

Get discounts on all our future courses and products we might produce.

For who?

We are focused on purely hospitality. Why? Because hospitality doesn't sell a product: it sells an experience. That requires a different approach and we get that. Our membership, therefore, is meant for the owners and marketing managers of the following businesses. 

For Restaurants and Cafes

And anything in between, like a coffeeshop, lunchroom or food truck. Whether you join as the owner or take this membership so one of your staff members can improve their skills/content: you are more than welcome to join.

For Holiday Accommodation Providers

For example (small) hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, hostels, a campsite or resort. Basically any brand that provides guests with accommodation and therefore an experience. Size doesn't matter.

Do you fit into neither? But still want to join? You can, just know that all our content is focused on hospitality brands. The content may also be useful for travel brands, but our focus is on the 2 categories shown above. 

We offer support in English and Dutch 💡

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Why would I join?

  • Feel like you lack time to use social media?
  • Wondering how to increase your reach?
  • Or do you feel “too old” when it comes to social media?

Stop! Time to make social media fun 🥳️ 

Whether it's you, your marketing manager or one of your staff members that's doing your communication and social media: this membership is guaranteed to improve the quality of the content they create. 

Our templates and coaching make social media, communication and marketing a total breeze.

The Investment


Cancel anytime
37 excl. VAT if applicable
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Writing and Design Templates
  • Personal Success Coach
  • Support Team for feedback and questions
  • VIP member group
  • Discounts on future courses


Appeltje Eitje - Instagram - Tremento
Learn how to create ENGAGING posts!


We don't know yet when the doors will open again, but this will most likely be the end of September 2020 or somewhere in October 2020.

The content calendar is a monthly calendar that we send to you at least 2 weeks in advance of the new month. It reminds you of upcoming events and gives you clear guidelines on what you could or should create! This means you don't have to worry about missing another holiday, or not being able to come up with new content ideas. 

Writing Templates: every month we provide you with new writing templates and prompts. We will give you examples on how to use them, too, so you know how to use them and make them fit your brand, and your tone-of-voice

Design Templates: every month we will provide you with some a few design templates. Like Instagram Story templates or a flyer design for a special day (like Mother's Day, Black Friday, et cetera). You can easily edit these templates with We will create a video for our members to show how to edit the templates. Easy peasy!

We strongly believe in original and authentic content. The templates, therefore, are mainly writing prompts which are meant to inspire you. The examples will help you to understand them properly. No one knows your brand better than you and it's important to us that your content conveys your tone-of-voice. 

That's completely up to you! We will provide you with enough ideas to post every single day, but we recommend about 2 to max. 5 posts per week. That's the best for your creativity 😉 Quality over quantity.

We offer feedback coaching via Slack. You can ask us questions like ‘Do you think I should advertise this on Instagram or Facebook', ‘is this a good post for Instagram' and so on. Sometimes we might send you a resource back, an old blog post or we might decide to answer your question in a video which we will then release for all our members (if it's a question that gets asked often). You'll always get an answer within 36 hours.

Because we practice what we preach! We take care of the social media of over 10 hospitality brands on a regular basis. We test out everything we do before advising it to you. We are busy creating content every single day. So why shouldn't we share our ideas and insights with you?

Another big benefit, is that we can help you with other marketing and design related things, too. This means you never have to anywhere else anymore for your design and marketing needs. New website? We can help. Branding? Got ya. SEO? No problemo. Photo editing? Yes, we can.

You can cancel or upgrade your Tremento Hospitality Marketing School subscription at any time.

If you cancel your subscription, you will have access to the Tremento Hospitality Marketing School until the day your next subscription payment was due to be billed. For example, if you cancel your monthly subscription 23 days before the next payment, you will still have access for another 23 days. If you cancel your annual subscription three months before your payment is due, you will still get access for another three months. We do not refund cancelled subscriptions.


You can get a refund within the first 14 days, no questions asked.

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