Onboarding – Step #2: Spark, Foster, Move!

Hi Tribers! And welcome to video #2 in the onboarding process.

In this video I am going to explain to you the Spark, Foster, Move Content Model which applies to the Tremento Tribe content calendar (the one found at the top of the Tribe Area!). Please scroll down and read the text below the video for more info.

Spark = attention grabbing, inspiring content, spark their attention

Foster = build up the connection, foster the relationship

Move = promotional posts, deals, sales, move to take action

Content marketing strategies are a buzzword – or well, a phrase, really. Having one is the norm – and not without good reason. Content has become the most effective marketing and advertising tool you can use. However: randomly throwing texts, photos and videos on the web will do nothing but harm to your brand’s image. And with so many travel and hospitality brands competing for people’s attention, you need a good content strategy to stand out and to win.

Tremento’s Content Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Brands

As a hotel, restaurant, café, hostel, or bed & breakfast it’s important to always keep your brand’s message first. The content you publish should fit and translate your mission and vision at all times. The way to do this? A well-build strategy. One framed around your brand’s purpose and core messages.

The creation of this strategy, however, is easier said than done. And when you search the web you will stumble across all different kinds of articles and ideas – none of them providing a complete and easy-to-implement framework. That’s why I created a strategy framework for hospitality brands. I did this back in 2018 and have thought this framework to many different brands ever since (including, for example, Maza Bistro, Hotel V and De Koffieschenkerij).

Of course, I didn’t come up with the contents of this framework all by myself. Even the most experienced content marketeer shouldn’t do that. There are many models, frameworks, and reports out there. What I did was:

  • Examine existing models and frameworks
  • Extract the most important, interesting and useful parts
  • Put these into practice
  • And then into 1 useful step-by-step guide and framework

It’s the exact framework I use with all my clients. Strategy is an essential part to executing social media right, so I knew it had to be included in the membership. I am going to make a complete course for the content strategy framework which will be uploaded to the Master Class Section when done. However, making the videos for this course will take longer and I am not going to have this finished right-away, so… You guys have to be a little patient!

However, my strategy framework exists of 2 parts. First, the strategy, second, the content model. And the content model is something which I can teach you guys already, and which you should all definitely know about to effectively use the Tribe Area Calendar. So, in this video I go over the content model, which is called: Spark, Foster, Move.

Please, before you watch the video below, do make sure to check out onboarding video 1. Creating your photo archive will make everything thereafter lots easier!

If you have any questions, then you know where to find me: Slack!

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