Onboarding – Step #3: The Content Calendar

Joehoe Tribers! And welcome to video #3 in the onboarding process.

In this video I am going to explain to you how to use the Tremento Tribe content calendar.

What you need:

Your photo archive: made in step 1

The Tribe Content Calendar: can be found at the top of the Tribe Area

The Editable Content Calendar: click here and find the latest ‘Editable Content Calendar’, use the filter at the top of the page if needed

The example: click here and find the latest ‘Editable Content Calendar’, the example is included in the same post as the latest Editable Content Calendar!

The Grid: click here!

Please, before you watch the video above, make sure to have watched onboarding video 1 and onboarding video 2.

In the next video we will dive into the Spark, Foster, Move writing framework. As said in the video, we use the Spark, Foster, Move content model for our overall content calendar, and then we use the same principle to write good captions. However, if you are about to post something right now… Then do check out the caption prompts. Although we highly recommend you only start using these after watching video #4!

If you have any questions, then you know where to find me: Slack!

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