Webdesign for restaurants BnBs hotels coffee places STRs AirBnBs

Webdesign for restaurants BnBs hotels coffee places STRs AirBnBs

Everything you need in a premium hotel, BnB or restaurant website for a price you can afford.


Just for hospitality

As a hospitality brand, you NEED to have an online presence. It's here where people search for your hotel, restaurant, AirBnB, café or bed and breakfast. And let's face it: direct bookings/reservations are the future for all hotels, BnBs, short term rentals, restaurants and likewise businesses.

  • Website design created specifically to create booking incentive.
  • Includes all the essential pages a hospitality brand needs.
  • Text templates to help you write the right copy for each page.
  • Super fast set-up for an affordable price.
  • Library with support videos, so you can make changes yourself quick and easy if needed.
  • Website made with WordPress.

Done-for-You-With-You hotel, restaurant and BnB websites

There are two camps: the one that does it all on his or her own, and the one that decides to hire a web designer. But both come with their own problems.

“DIY” may be cheap but often leads to a website that's not optimized for Google, not responsive on mobile phones, and many other issues.

But hiring a web developer also has its problems: it's expensive and leaves you with a design that you can't change yourself. Making a quick change to your opening hours, booking dates or something on your menu is difficult – if not impossible.

Let's change that.

Need a website for your hotel, restaurant or accommodation that works?

Without spending a fortune, stressing over tech, or waiting months until it’s ready to launch?

What Makes This Different?

Here's why should you let us design your hotel, restaurant, AirBnB or BnB website.

Essential Pages

Pre-designed pages including text swipe files. Specifically targeting the questions your guests may have.

Booking System

Managing rooms and/or reservations will be a breeze (and can be synchronized with OTAs).

Easy and Quick Set-Up

We will have your website up and running within 5 days after you've provided us with your material.

Matching Style

We will make sure your website will fit your overall style. Fonts, colors, graphic elements: we match them to your hotel, restaurant, AirBnB or BnB.

Power to you

Upon delivery of your website, we provide you with a video library with tutorials on how to make small changes to your website yourself.


Our websites are made with WordPress: the best content management system, powering over 42% of the world wide web!

3 steps to launch!

Obviously, you want to know what happens after you signed up for your new hotel, restaurant or (air)BnB website. It's easy.

1. Register + Deliver Material

First, we get to know your brand: your hotel, restaurant, or BnB. Then we will put together a brand style guide. In the meantime, you submit your page content and  images.

2. Creation Time

After submitting your material and details, your work is done – no tech,  no hassle, no worries. You sit-back and relax while we work on your new hotel, restaurant or BnB website.

3. Take off!

Within 5 days, our team inputs your material into our guest-optimized page layouts, sets up all the tech, and delivers your brand new website to you, ready to launch!

What's your game plan?

All websites are designed to be 100% responsive (good for smartphones). They will be ready to launch within 5 days after you have submitted your material.


Perfect to get you off the ground
  • Easy CMS system: WordPress
  • Basic set-up of 5 to 8 pages
  • Custom styling
  • Video instructions how-to-edit
  • Booking or reservation system per mail
  • Reviews page


For those who takes their business serious
  • Easy CMS system: WordPress​
  • Basic set-up of 5 to 8 pages
  • Custom styling
  • Video instructions how-to-edit
  • Booking or reservation system (synchronized with OTAs)
  • Reviews page
  • Basic SEO Set-Up (eRank)
  • Pages optimized for SEO


Level up your website
  • Easy CMS system: WordPress​
  • Basic set-up of 5 to 8 pages
  • Custom styling
  • Video instructions how-to-edit
  • Booking or reservation system (synchronized with OTAs)
  • Reviews page
Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from euros.

We also offer hosting and maintenance. We highly recommend you use this service of ours, since it will secure your website's safety and the continuous working of your website and booking systems. Click 'see the plans' to read more.

Hosting & Maintenance

85 Quarterly
  • 1 Website
  • Free WP Installation
  • SSL certificte
  • E-mail with your domain name​
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Booking System Updates
  • Security Checks
  • Anti-spam system
  • 100% renewable energy match

Hosting, Maintenance & Tribe

135 Quarterly
  • 1 Website
  • Free WP Installation
  • SSL certificte
  • E-mail with your domain name​
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Booking System Updates
  • Security Checks
  • Anti-spam system
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Access to everything within the Tremento Tribe (50% discount)
  • Which includes: monthly social media content ideas, Master Classes and Graphic Design Templates

Affordable High Quality

Don't lose time or money trying to create your own website. And, don't hire an expensive designer or developer.

We bridge the website design gap that exists between “do it yourself” or “pay a fortune to someone else”? And we are specialized in hospitality: restaurant, AirBnB, hotel website design.

Mobile Friendly

Each website is designed mobile-first. The modern traveler and foodie is constantly online, so you want your website to look just as stunning on a smartphone!

Easy To Customize

Your website will be made without confusing code and super easy to customize. You can change anything and everything, from colors and fonts to page layouts

Safe And Secure

Powerful security built-in. Ever heard of an SSL certificate? We'll make sure it's installed for you! The premium and deluxe plans also include automatic back-ups. 


Questions? Look Here.

Let's dive into the most frequently asked questions.

All Tremento websites are built on WordPress, the leading website platform on the internet. Each page is built with the industry-leading page builder, Elementor. This premium page builder is included free of charge, for life, and allows drag-and-drop creation and editing of pages and posts.

Our Tremento Webdesign System was developed to replace the time and expense of working directly with a designer. We have pre-created all the necessary pages so we can guarantee a beautiful and effective website. While you won’t have access to a designer, you will be provided with videos that explain you exactly how to change certain design elements, photos or text on your own website. This means you'll never have to wait to change something on your website. Can't figure out how to make an adjustment or stuck trying? Then our support team is there.

Every page on your website is fully customizable. If you don’t a layout, then you are welcome to make any changes you desire using the installed user-friendly page builder (Elementor) after your project is complete. Video tutorials are included to help you when you decide to sign up for our maintenance plan – which we highly recommend, as it will help to keep your site running smooth and safe.

You have an unlimited number of days to submit your material. So whenever you feel like it. However, we recommend to do it right after you've placed your order. We will send you our templates which will show you exactlywhat material to submit. We even provide you with pre-written texts, so you don't have to worry or figure out what to say on your website.

This depends on your business.

Accommodation provider: home, about us, rooms, packages, booking page, gallery + reviews, contact us

Restaurant/café: home, about us, menu, reservation page, gallery + reviews, contact us

We encourage you to take our hosting and maintenance package. We only offer our maintenance packages to those who also choose to let us arrange their hosting. The reason for this is that we, otherwise, can't guarantee the safety of your website. When you host your website with us, your website will run on the best servers available (from Siteground), assuring your website will load fast and will be secured at all times.

Our hosting and maintenance plan, also called Web Care Package, is charged quarterly and offered to you upon registering your website with us. You can also opt to include a domain name if you don't have one yet.

We will take care of the registration and all that comes with it. Hassle free, is what we call that.

Do you already have hosting and a domain name? Then the choice is yours. We can still design your website for you. However, we can only offer you our maintenance plan if you decide to switch to our hosting services, too. This can also be done after your website has been designed (migration will only take a second!).

After your website is completed, we will offer you the option to sign up for our maintenance plan on either a monthly or annual basis. The costs for this are €20 per month or €200 per year.

The maintenance plan includes:

  • Daily back-ups of your website
  • Security and anti-spam system
  • Updates of your booking system 
  • Access to our FAQ and specifically created website tutorials
  • Ability to submit questions to our support team if you are stuck.
Still have a question?
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