The Turnkey Website

A perfect restaurant or vacation rental website for a price you can afford.

The Turnkey Hospitality Website

All-in-One Done-for-You Restaurant and Vacation Rental Websites

Want a professional website for your restaurant, café, hotel or vacation rental, without spending a fortune, stressing over tech, or waiting months until it’s ready to launch? Then the Turnkey Hospitality Website is for you.

What will it look like?

Curious what your website might look like? Then check out the template example.

Please keep in mind that we still style the template for you, so it will match your brand's style and identity.

How does it work?

“It took 6 months to finish the website!”. Ugh, that's not our style. Forget about endless revisions rounds, tech, coding or difficult jargon.

Just 3 easy steps and your website is ready to launch!

Step 1

Submit your material

After signing up via our website, you will receive an email with a link to Content Snare. This is a super easy system with which we will ‘collect’ your content. It’s basically like filling in a questionnaire.

We will also send you a video of Caroline guiding you step by step. So, no stress about tech.

Step 2

Time to chill out

That’s it. Now the work’s on us. We are going to install your domain name, hosting, e-mail address, WordPress, the theme and needed plugins. After that, we will plug in all the content you have provided us with. If there’s anything missing, we will first let you know.

Your website will be done in 5 work days. Once ready, we will notify you, send your login details and give you access to our tutorial library.

Step 3

Level up

Your website is now ready to launch. Go ahead and share if with your friends!

As we hand you over ‘the keys' to your website, we also give you access to our library of video tutorials. Here you'll find super easy tutorials explaining you exactly how you can change texts, update your menu or replace an image.

Oh, and by the way...

You also get all of this:

Mobile Friendly

All pages on your website are designed to operate and look great on desktop and mobile.

Easy to Update

If you can click a button, you can update your site. No confusing code & free tutorials on how to update and change texts/images.

Blazing Fast

A lightweight website that loads super fast, keeping visitors on site and engaged, and making Google happy!

Analytics Enabled

See where your potential visitors are from and which pages they browse thanks to Google Analytics.

Ready to Customize

Want to change a line of text, an image, menu item, colors or fonts? No problem. 

Safe & Secure

Powerful security built in, along with automatic backups whilst on our hosting & maintenance plan.

So, let's get started!

Pick your game plan.

Questions? We got answers.


We will:

Install WordPress, setup your design template, make customizations, add your logo & colors, input your food menus, photos, and other content, connect your social media accounts, and add the right plugins. We will also connect your website to our management platform so we can keep it up to date easily and perform regular, scheduled back-ups.

All Tremento websites are built on WordPress, the leading website platform on the internet. Each page is built with the industry-leading page builder, Elementor. This premium page builder is included free of charge, for life, and allows drag-and-drop creation and editing of pages and posts.

The Turnkey Website system was developed to replace the time and expense of working directly with a designer.

We have pre-created all the necessary pages so we can guarantee a beautiful and effective restaurant website.

While you won’t have access to a designer, you will be provided with videos that explain you exactly how to change certain design elements, photos or text on your own website.

The benefit: you'll never have to wait to change something on your website.

Still can't figure out how to make an adjustment after watching the tutorials? Then our support team is there.

Every page on your website is fully customizable. If you don’t a layout, then you are welcome to make any changes you desire using the installed user-friendly page builder (Elementor) after your project is complete.

Access to all our video tutorials are included in your quarterly plan.

You have an unlimited number of days to submit your material. So whenever you feel like it.

However, we recommend to do it right after you've placed your order. We will send you our templates which will show you exactly what material to submit.

We even provide you with pre-written texts, so you don't have to worry or figure out what to say on your website.

Every website comes with a home page, about page, menu page, contact page, blog page (optional) and reservation page with the plugin WP Cafe.

You can add additional pages yourself with our tutorials.

The Vacation Rental websites also include a booking system.

Yes, you can! We have a template for this and a simple 5-minute tutorial on how to add this page to your website.

See the example here:

All websites are made based upon our hosting and maintenance package. This helps to guarantee the safety and speed of your website. Your website will run on the best servers available, assuring your website will load fast and will be secured at all times.

Our hosting and maintenance plan is charged quarterly. One domain name (.com) is included in the set-up fee. If you already have a domain name, then you need to ask the transfer code with your current host.

Do you already have hosting and a domain name? Then you should cancel your current subscription and ask for the transfer code of your domain name. This is called the EPP. Once you have this code, we will transfer the domain name for you.

If you work with a third party for this (e.g. UBER eats), then integrating can be done with just a few buttons. It's easy and explained in a special tutorial.

If you want a system integrated on your website (like your own webshop), then get in touch. We will offer you a custom option.

Within 5 work days after you have submitted all your material (photos and videos). 

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