Turnkey Website Onboarding - Restaurant

Hey there!

Down here you'll find our Turnkey Website Onboarding form.

We use this form to get a better understanding of the design we should create.

Step 1

The first step is to write your texts. Please click the button below, make a copy of the document, write it out and then make sure to share the document with trementohospitality@gmail.com.

Step 2

The second step is to collect your visuals. Please check out the example below. Make sure to give your images a correct name, too. For example: are you sending us ‘staff pictures' for on the about page, for a team section? Then give the image the name of the staff member. Sending us photos of specific dishes that we should know the same of? Then name the image accordingly.

Website Design Set-up
Step 3

The third step is to fill in the questionnaire down below. Please do this AFTER you've done the above.

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