Content Marketing Strategy Guide


Content marketing strategy is a buzzword. Having one is the norm – and not without good reason. Content has become the most effective marketing and advertising tool you can use. However: randomly throwing blog posts, photos and videos out there will do nothing but harm to your brand’s image. And that’s why you need a good strategy.

As a hotel, restaurant or bed & breakfast it’s important to always keep your brand’s message first. The content you put out there should fit and translate your mission and vision at all times. The way to do this? A well-build strategy. That is framed around your brand’s purpose and core message.

About two and a half years ago, I dove into all things Content Marketing related. What I did?

  • Examine existing models and frameworks
  • Extract the most important, interesting and useful parts
  • Put these into practice
  • And then into 1 useful step-by-step guide and framework

Which we have, since then, been using for all of our clients. And it has proven its success.

So, if you are ready to level up your strategy, then download this guide!

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