10 Tips for Content for Your Hotel’s LinkedIn Business Account

Promoting your hotel online is crucial in the present times as nearly 60% of all travel-related bookings are done online. One of the most effective ways of boosting your brand’s online presence is by creating attention-grabbing content for your LinkedIn business account.

“Why LinkedIn?”

You must be wondering as your hotel’s Facebook and Twitter profiles could offer you better (or greater) mileage. The majority of LinkedIn’s over 550 million users use the social media platform chiefly for networking and job hunting. 

But do you know that LinkedIn is preferred by users over YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat when it comes to trustworthiness? 

That said, you can make the most of the following ten tips for creating original content for your hospitality brand’s LinkedIn business account to boost bookings as well as attract talented staff. 

Creating a LinkedIn business account for your restaurant might be the key to boosting your online presence

Content optimization should be the primary focus of your LinkedIn Business Account.

Optimizing content, including both textual and visual content, is crucial for two good reasons. If and when you create content that is pertinent to your brand, then the same will instinctively draw the attention of all stakeholders, including travelers and prospective employees. 

Your content should be able to cater to your (or rather your hotel’s) patrons’ needs and preferences and answer their queries. Always see to it that you reinforce the content with a call to action to help them know everything in detail that will eventually lead to more bookings or reservations. 

On the other hand, uploading original and plagiarism-free content tagged with the correct NAP (more on this later) offers you an edge over your competitors. Google uses intuitive algorithms for ranking websites on the search engine results pages. The more optimized your content is, the better are your chances of securing a rank on the first SERP.

Make content local

Nearly all your past and existing guests may have browsed on the net while searching for places to put up at, wine, dine, and sightsee. You can take it for granted that this trend (of looking up the net before planning an itinerary) will become a norm. 

So, irrespective of whether you’re focusing on home-based or overseas tourists, make sure your content offers info about local sightseeing spots, eateries, shopping centers, entertainment points, and so on. 

The content should be related to hospitality

Infusing your content with hilarious anecdotes and jokes will help arrest your niche segment’s attention up to a certain extent. But if you want your potential clients to continue navigating your site, you have to upload compelling content that speaks about your brand. 

The content, by and large, should concentrate on topics relating to food, travel, drinks, places of interest, and so on.

Temper your content with images and pictures

Considering the significance of uploading crystal clear and vibrant illustrations, it’s quite surprising and unfortunate to note that innumerable LinkedIn profiles feature low-quality images and pictures. 

You know that a picture is better than a thousand words, so temper your text with visual content.

NAP consistency for ranking higher on Google Maps

NAP stands for ‘name,’ address, and ‘phone number’. Your brand (or business) name, address, contact number(s), and URL link(s) must be identical across the net. Maintaining NAP consistency is vital as Google’s algorithms consider this aspect before ranking sites.

Quality content matters

You do not need to upload fresh or new content every day on your LinkedIn profile. However, ensure to post a couple of blogs or articles every fortnight. You can write about the latest trends relating to your industry and upload the same via your profile status updates.

Team up with hospitality groups

You’ll come across several LinkedIn groups devoted to the hospitality sector. All these groups already have as well as welcome new participants willing to share information relating to the specific industry, including data.

It can be about job vacancies, hotel management, promotional strategies, tourism investments, and so on.

There are numerous options to boost your hotel’s online presence – creating a Linkedin Business Profile is just one of them.

Identify your niche segment

Before you get down to optimizing content, you should identify your niche segment, i.e. the audience you’re targeting. You should be fully aware of the demographics of your audience and, after that, develop and fine-tune the content accordingly. 

Identifying your specific markets is crucial for creating relevant content. That will eventually enable you to interact with your prospective customers.

Dedicate every page to one and only one theme

When it comes to deciding the type and volume of the content you’ll upload, make sure you dedicate one page to each topic or theme. Classifying your content under distinct categories will help your users to locate and read the exact information they’re looking for. 

The idea is to make the task of navigating on the site easier for your existing and potential guests. To be specific, adopt a personal approach and keep the text simple. Also, include relevant pictures, and insert keywords at vantage sections of the text.

Make the most of your USPs

What is the USP (unique selling proposition) of your hotel? Is it situated in the central business district of the city, or is it located in an upscale residential suburb? It could be that your hotel offers excellent concierge services that have been appreciated by a good number of guests. 

Do you run promotional offers for different categories of travelers during the off-season? You should highlight your hotel’s USP not only in the annual newsletter but also regularly in your LinkedIn posts.

How else can you boost your hotel’s online presence?

Tremento features a lot of content about helping businesses like hotels and restaurants reach their online potential. If you think about hiring an influencer to help you grow, you can check out our article about using Influencers for Hotel Online Marketing.


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