Vacation Rental Owner’s Blog: Top 3 Essential Tips for Every Host

For any AirBnB business, having a vacation rental owner’s blog is one of the best ways to promote your own rental. Plus, it gives you a chance to collaborate with other hosts. However, many people do not know how to get started in vacation rental blogging. Luckily, this is a quick look at some of the basics you should learn for vacation rental blogging.

Learn About SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key way to make your blog visible to the masses. There are many ways to optimize your blog, but let’s focus on the most basic aspect: keywords. Keywords are common phrases or words that people use to look for specific things on sites like Google. In our case, the most common keywords will be vacation rentals and AirBnB. Using these keywords strategically on your vacation rental owner’s blog and posts will help increase your visibility among potential renters.

Throwing in a few common keywords with a few more niche-focused ones is important to help make your blog appear in the top results of a search engine. For instance, you can use other terms like “apartment for rent” or “beach house in Miami” if it fits your property description. 

Our post on how to optimize your digital content better might be a great help to get you started!

SEO is a great must-have skill especially when starting a vacation rental owner's blog

Make Backlinks a Priority

In the last tip, we talked about how SEO techniques are essential to help your website be visible. Other than keywords, it is important that your website gets used as a backlink in other websites. A backlink means that a website links another website in its content. Google loves backlinks because it means that your content is valuable enough to be used as a link on another site.

So, how exactly does a vacation rental site get used as a backlink? An effective way to do so is to talk to other businesses near your property. For instance, there are probably tons of nearby businesses and restaurants. You can feature those businesses in a few blog posts. If you make a list of “Best Restaurants in _____,” you can mention a few that you like.

When you make those kinds of posts, be sure to link the business’s website or social media pages to your blog post. Afterward, tell the business owners that you featured them. Business owners love it when they get featured, so they are likely to grab your website’s link and use it as a backlink in their own website. 

Answer Questions on your Vacation Rental Owner’s Blog

When you write a blog, you can find other unique ways to get people to check out your blog. Aside from putting out content on your blog that is exclusively about your rental or property, you can also discuss vacation rental-related knowledge. Pieces of information that do not strictly apply to your rental property alone. For example, answering common general questions about rentals is a great way to get renters and other hosts to look at your blog. These questions are practically keywords themselves, so use them to your advantage.

For instance, let’s say that you want to talk about what every AirBnB host needs. Then, you can call your post “What Does an AirBnB Host Need” and answer that question in detail. This kind of evergreen content is what everyone wants to read, so definitely make use of answering questions. 

Through your vacation rental owner's blog, you can answer questions either by fellow hosts or other renters

Start your Vacation Rental Owner’s Blog Now!

Promoting your rental while talking about your passion can all be done in one by getting into vacation rental blogging. You can try out the tips above to curate great and clickable content for your vacation rental blog.

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