5 Tips on increasing Facebook engagement for your Hotel

Nowadays, it appears as if almost everyone has a profile on Facebook-from techno-geeks to trigger happy gangsters and everybody in between. And it might sound like Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not’ if I told you that these days even pets have their own Facebook profiles! Of course, the pet dogs or cats did not create their profile (rather it was their owners) but that’s another story.

The fact that almost everybody wants to be on Facebook speaks volumes about the social media platform’s popularity! The world’s most popular social media site now boasts of nearly 1.19 billion active users per month. So if you create a distinct Facebook profile for your hospitality business, you can well imagine the level of engagement the page can attract. 

Engagement implies the total number of shares, likes, reviews, pictures, and posts your Facebook profile churns daily. However, with more than 15 million brands having profiles on Facebook, your hotel’s blog posts and videos could easily get lost in the massive welter of likes and shares. Use the following tips for attracting the attention of your business’s niche segment and then engaging with them to build a lasting relationship. Believe us when we say that increasing Facebook engagement of your audience ain’t that hard!

Use the KISS strategy

Ensure to keep your tagline or slogan short and engaging to keep your visitors and guests hooked. A ‘call to action’ paragraph that is unduly long and tedious will discourage visitors from scrolling further. Remember that those who visit your hotel’s Facebook page have extremely short attention spans.

In other words, your guests are not likely to stay on your page if your posts are too long-winded and uninteresting. Keep the axiom “brevity is the soul of wit” in mind before you post blogs or text messages on Facebook.

A picture always speaks more than a thousand words

A visual can convey so much without words, which is why using a photo is imperative, but frequently photos do need further explanation. Remember that the majority of your page’s visitors will do so from their smartphones and tabs. So, you must figure out the type of visual content your guests will prefer to see as they scroll through the newsfeeds, and that might help out with increasing Facebook engagement on your business page.

On the one hand, an image can portray the story in a glimpse, unlike textual content. On the other hand, pictures occupy more space, and therefore you should make the most of the available space. Since a picture always speaks more than a thousand words, ensure to post high-quality and riveting photos. 

See to it that every photo stirs up some feeling or emotion, ranging from nostalgia to happiness and everything in between.

If you’re able to take photos of your hotel as stunning as this one is – you don’t need to use a lot of words.

Time it right

Aficionados and enthusiasts of your hotel may not be on Facebook round the clock. Rather, they’ll tend to be active, sharing, and liking at specific times of the day. Almost 80% of Facebook users in the US are concentrated in Eastern and Central Time zones. 

To be specific, users are most active from 1 pm to 3 pm, clicking on links and sharing content. So if you post and update content during the above timeframe of the day, you’re most likely to get the maximum shares, likes, and feedback. Therefore, timing and sending your posts exactly during the periods when your visitors have a high likelihood of being online will boost your chances of getting more likes and shares.

Stay updated

As a hotelier, there are two very vital aspects that you would need to bear in mind. First, posts on Facebook have a pretty short lifespan-more than 50% of engagement takes place in a time window of just one and a half hours. Secondly, your page followers will expect you to respond every 3-4 hours. 

Hence, make sure your social media manager logs into your hotel’s Facebook page early in the morning, during noon, and late midday for responding to users’ queries and feedbacks.

Always insert a ‘call to action’ request

You’d surely like to inform your visitors that you’re looking forward to their likes and shares. Your guests might be reading your posts or enjoying your videos while you’re busy with managing the hotel. However, your followers will need to hit the ‘like’ button to indicate that they’re reading your posts and sharing them.

Therefore, inserting an enthralling ‘call to action’ request will induce your followers to ‘like,’ ‘share,’ and ‘comment’ with greater intensity. Request your guests to tag their respective friends and acquaintances and share your posts. Remember, individuals will be interested in checking up on posts shared and liked by their friends or relatives in comparison to brands.

Concluding Remarks

Boosting the engagement level on your hotel’s Facebook page is a process that happens over a long period. So, if you’re steadfast and consistent with your posts, you can look forward to greater traffic leading to more conversions and improved brand loyalty.

If you feel like you need some help with increasing Facebook engagement for your Hotel’s business page, Tremeto is here for you! We offer a variety of services that can help your business grow – one of the latest ones is the Tremento Tribe program. Make sure to check it out and save your spot!

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