100+ Creative Coffee Shop Name Ideas

Are you looking for coffee shop names? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing over 100 coffee shop name ideas. I’ve divided these coffee shop names into different categories, so you can pick the one that suits your vibe the best.

How to pick the best coffee shop name idea for your place?

Of course, there are a few things to think about when you pick your name. You want the name to embody the feeling of your brand. It has to fit the atmosphere and the overall vibe. You wouldn’t want to name your coffee shop ‘Cocoffee’ – which reminds people of… coconuts! – when your place looks cosy, dark and homey. Nor would you want to name a minimalistic coffee shop ‘Grannies Corner’. Get it? 

Ready to just see those names? Click here!

8 tips for picking a good coffee shop name

You can find tons of articles about what makes a good business name. The same goes for coffee shop name ideas. Let me summarize a few for you.

Here are my 8 tips for picking a good coffee shop name:

  1. A coffee shop name needs to be easy to remember.
  2. Your coffee shop name should sound good when it’s said aloud.
  3. Avoid trends (like ‘Flickr’ – where’s the damn E? Don’t make your name difficult: it will make it hard for people to find you online!)
  4. Make sure it’s easy to spell (in cohesion with tip 3)
  5. Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your coffee shop grows. E.g.: “Bakestreet 279 Coffee”, what if you decide to open up a second location? Or “Fox’s Brunch”, what if you, at some point, want to add dinner?
  6. Make sure the .com domain name is available. This is especially important if you serve internationally or are located in the US.
  7. Ask your target audience what they think of the name. You might bump into some associations that you didn’t even think of – both positive as well as negative. Maybe your cool coffee shop name turns out to be a swearing word in Spanish or Portuguese. Better avoid that.
  8. Make sure your coffee shop name is one that you are proud of.

Now that you know which boxes your coffee shop name idea should tick off… let’s take a look at those names!

How to brainstorm a name for a coffee shop?

We came up with these names using a variety of brainstorming techniques. The mindmap is and will always be my favourite one. You can find my mindmap in the image down below. Another handy and nifty tool to use is the Namemesh name generator. This works especially well when you already have a few words in mind. Just type them in and let the hunt for the best coffee shop name ideas begin.

Grind Geeks – Coffee Shop Logo made by Tremento
(by Lawrence Daniel Taojo)

Hipster Coffee Shop Name Ideas

  1. Pine Tree Coffee
  2. Hot Grind
  3. Palm Tree Coffee
  4. Grind Jar
  5. Grind Bay
  6. Fusion Grind
  7. Grind Valley
  8. North Grind
  9. Grind Trail
  10. Grind Vibe
  11. Town Roasters
  12. Grind Wolf
  13. Skyscraper Café
  14. Grind North
  15. Hangout Coffee
  16. [Your Location] Coffee Roasters
  17. City Pour
  18. Forest Beans
  19. Hotspring Café
  20. Dreamy Moose
  21. Sunsets Café
  22. Mugs and Spoons
  23. Latte Loca

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Classic Coffee Shop Names

  1. Goldman Coffee
  2. Sphinx Coffee
  3. Filter Jazz
  4. Obelisk Café
  5. Blue Green Coffee
  6. Fineline Coffee
  7. Britannia Coffee
  8. Lakefront Coffee
  9. Filtro
  10. Wander Bistro
  11. Café Royale
  12. [Your Location] Coffee
  13. [Your Name] Café

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Magical Coffee Shop Names

  1. Grind Magic
  2. Pouring Gold
  3. New Star Coffee
  4. Magic Grind
  5. Pouring Fox
  6. Wetland Beans
  7. Sipping Bear
  8. Alice in Brewland
  9. Mornings in [your place]
  10. Brew Galaxy
  11. Wonder Grind
  12. Grind Country
  13. Lava Roasters
  14. Plenty Café
  15. Afternoon Magic
  16. Mug of Delight
  17. Waterfall Bistro
  18. Waterfall Coffee Shop or Waterfall Coffeehouse
  19. Cocoa Forest
  20. Mugs & Magic
  21. Brew of Tales

Funny Coffee Shop Name Ideas

  1. Singing Beans
  2. Grind Light
  3. Ask Me Coffee
  4. Excess Shot
  5. Grind Rush
  6. We Pour Gold
  7. Please Add Coffee
  8. Cookie Run
  9. Cafeley
  10. Cruizin Coffee
  11. The Coffee Wonder
  12. Ninja Grind
  13. Bean’it
  14. Pour Morning
  15. Slice Cooky
  16. Koala Coffee House
  17. Kiwi Brew
  18. Morning Liquor
  19. Grind Geeks
  20. Cookie and Coffee
  21. Grind Savvy
  22. Ask Brew
  23. Biscuit Land
  24. The Happy Beans
  25. Latte Island
  26. Bean There
  27. Grind Patrol
  28. Espresso Cat
  29. The Caffeine Express

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  1. Bean & The Cake
  2. Coffee Island
  3. Proud Beans
  4. Grind Heat
  5. Cups and Cats
  6. Grind Worker
  7. Biscuits and Coffee
  8. Biscuits and Cocoa
  9. Slick Grind
  10. Bean Paradise
  11. One Minute Coffee (for a take-away only place)
  12. The Pouring Monkey
  13. Hungry Beans
  14. Crazy Coffee Cat
  15. Coffee Padre
  16. Snooze Café
  17. Roasted Baristas
  18. The Baking Baristas
  19. Sip of Gold
  20. Roastery Road

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about coffee shop name ideas. I certainly had fun writing it!

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