Creative Hotel Advertisements To Inspire Your Mind #2

Creative Hotel Advertisements - Campaigns to spark your mind

A while ago I posted this blog post about creative hotel advertisements. I wrote how I was disappointed at the petite amount of authentic campaigns I could find. This time around was no different – I had to search for quite a while to find some good examples. But hey, we all need some inspiration now and then, and I sure was after I found these. So I hope they inspire you too!

In this post I’ll share with you 3 examples of hotel/hostel advertisements which are above average. I hope they’ll help you to get creative next time you’re creating a campaign for your own hotel/hostel/B&B or whatever it is you own.


So this poster is actually from a series of posters that made in 2013.

“With over 350,000 properties worldwide and over 25 unique accommodations, including haunted hotels, customers have nothing to be afraid of when trying to get their stay exactly right,” says Paul Hennessy,’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to help travelers better navigate our array of property choices, particularly those inspired by the holiday spirit. We are dedicated to bringing travelers an experience unlike any other regardless of where they stay or how they book.” – Text from here

This advertising campaign was created by Wiende+Kennedy Amsterdam. It was featured not only in print but also online and on TV.


  • Play with upcoming events and occasions.
  • Put your hotel as a character in those situations.
  • Think of your hotel as a movie: what would the poster look like?
  • Use this in more media-types than just a poster and/or print. Think Instagram Stories, posts, Facebook Live streams, and so on.

2: Onuku Farm Hostel

Hostels often seem to be more creative than hotels when it comes to advertising. No wonder I feature the Onuku Farm Hostel here with these 3 posters – hotels, listen up! You don’t have to go all-in on a crazy photoshoot or hire an insane graphic designer. Just find something that fits your brand well. Simple, minimalistic posters can work just as good – as long as they are aligned to your strategy and style.

What I love most about these is how the messages clearly communicate what the hostels stands for: good service, a fun atmosphere and a ‘cosy’ vibe.


  • You don’t need a crazy expensive photographer or graphic designer.
  • You need a content creator that understands your brand and is able to translate your brand’s identity to content (learn more about this).
  • Simple and minimalistic sometimes works best.

3: AirBnB

Yep, AirBnB. I know, I know, it’s not a hotel. But heck yes is AirBnB a big player in the hospitality industry. Especially as a hotel, AirBnB is a company you should watch. What are they doing? How are they marketing themselves? Why do people choose to stay with AirBnB instead of you? One thing is for sure: you can learn something from them marketing wise.

Because what is it AirBnB focuses on? That’s right, experiences. That’s what they try to sell all the time. Also in this ad portrayed above. And this is not without good reason. The current generation of travelers, especially millennials, are mostly interested in ‘experiencing culture, a country, living like a local’ when it comes to travel. You, as a hotel, should make use of this knowledge. What experience does your hotel offer to your guests? Translate that into your next campaign.


  • Think about the experiences your hotel offers to its guests.
  • How can you translate those experiences to content?
  • Portray the experiences in your ads and campaigns instead of (just) your rooms, breakfast, garden, et cetera. Show the people enjoying your breakfast, or the kids playing in your hotel’s garden, or the room service.
  • Go beyond static images: what about GIFs, videos, Instagram Stories? Engage your audience.

Why should you be creative?

Because almost every hotel is using the exact same marketing technique: show off beautiful pictures of the rooms, breakfast and pool. There seems to be very little thought put into what a hotel makes unique, what is makes stand out of the crowd. Which is its personality and the experience it manages to create for its guests.

It’s never been more important to differentiate yourself from the rest. Of course, first and foremost you should do this through your provided services. The quality of the hospitality you offer should be your top priority. But communication should come next and that’s where authenticity and creativity come into play. If you’re able to communicate your unique features, your specific experience, in a different way then your guests are way more likely to remember you, to write reviews about you and to book with you in the first place.

If you liked this post, then…

Did you find this helpful, fun or interesting? Then please leave a comment! And if you have other hotel advertisements I should check out, please share them in the comments.

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