Halloween Restaurant Ideas: 6 cool examples!

Halloween Restaurant Ideas… We got some, ‘hon.

October has started and Halloween is coming up. As a Dutchie myself (that means: Dutch person, from the Netherlands), I’m not very experienced with Halloween. We never really celebrated Halloween here. We know it’s big in the States and many other countries though, and when I was living in Madrid I got to see more of the Halloween craze.

However, no matter if Halloween’s big or not in your country: it is a fun holiday and one any restaurant can benefit from. Whether you opt to go all-in on your Halloween restaurant decor, or your Halloween restaurant menu, is up to you. Let’s discuss a few Halloween restaurant ideas you might want to do or consider this year (keeping in mind the pandemic is still present).

Halloween Restaurant Ideas for your decor!

First of all: I’d recommend doing something about your Halloween restaurant decor. It’s an easy way to create extra attention for your place. You can find cheap decoration at many “$1 stores”, but as I’m not a big fan of cheap produce, I’d suggest you head to the thrift stores, second hand stores and… Pinterest!

Yep, you’ve read it right. Pinterest. Get craftsy yourself. Creating Halloween decoration isn’t all that hard.

Halloween Banner idea

You could easily recreate these ‘spooky balloons’, carve out a pumpkin or make a ‘ghost banner’ (like the one from momoparty.com)

Are you doing take-away or curbside pickup during Halloween? Then add some flair to your take-away bags: ghost napkins for example, or some branded Halloween stickers. Or surprise your people with a Halloween postcard with a handwritten thank you note.

If you do happen to be able to open your doors, then make it dark and mysterious inside. Turn on this spooky Halloween-music, put candles on the tables and get some orange, white and black themed cutlery or table items. You can also allow your staff to dress-up: nothing would break the spell more than them just walking around in their regular outfits. Yep: enough Halloween Restaurant Ideas!

Halloween Restaurant Menu Ideas

If you are searching Halloween Menu Ideas for Restaurants, then you’re in luck. I’ve searched the web and put together my favorites. Let’s call it the Tremento’s Favorite Halloween Restaurant Ideas Menu list.

Halloween Restaurant Menu Ideas

Halloween Restaurant Menu Template

We created a template for your take-away menu for today (or this whole Halloween week). You can find it right here

Really want to level up your game? Then get one of our bundles, with which you can Halloween-ify your logo and use some of our Halloween Instagram Stories.

We created 2 Halloween bundles for different styles: minimalistic and playful. We hope one of these two suits you. All templates were handmade by us, but are converted to work with Canva.com. This means you can easily edit them, change texts and add in your logo. Sometimes you can even style specific elements.

Can’t choose a template? Then just become a member of the Tremento Tribe and you can try ‘em all out!

Halloween Restaurant Menu Template
Halloween Restaurant Menu Template

Halloween Logo

Inside our Hospitality Halloween Bundles, you’ll also find the ‘Halloween-ify’ your logo template. With this Canva template, you can easily create a Halloween style logo for your restaurant, hotel or BnB!

Halloween Logo Idea
Halloween Logo Idea

Entertain the kids with Halloween Games: our FREE Halloween Printable Word Search

Offer your guests (and their kids) with a fun game: get our printable Halloween printable word search! With our Canva template you can easily adjust the printable to your own branding.

We decided to make this Canva template free for all of you to use. You can get it here: click!

Halloween Word Search - Restaurant Halloween Ideas

Halloween Social Media Posts

Last but not least, you may want to prepare a few Halloween social media posts. Below are a few ideas:

Halloween Social Media Post Idea 1

  • “Happy Halloween!”
  • “At [your restaurant’s name], we are celebrating Halloween today with [special deal or “our Halloween menu”].
  • If you plan to swing by, then you can give us a call or make a reservation via our website.

Halloween Social Media Post Idea 2

  • “It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared,” said Vincent Prince. Who dares to come by today?

Halloween Social Media Post Idea 3

  • We put a spell on our menu tonight and it turned out wizardly magical.

Since Halloween’s become quite a commercial holiday, it’s fine if you try to ‘sell’ something. Feel free to promote your special Halloween (takeaway) menu!

Halloween Social Media Post
Halloween Restaurant Social Media Post

Happy Halloween everyone and good luck with the preparations. 

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