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Regularly updating your content has many benefits. It helps in your SEO ranking, it creates consistency in your content stream (which improves your brand’s status) and it increases the relevance of your website and social media channels. I can go on and on about all the possible benefits, but do I really have to? I don’t think so. We all know there are many.

Destination Trivia

One of the easier categories of content you could share is destination trivia. Fun facts and knowledge about your hotel’s area. The more surprising, the better. If you are categorizing your content, then make sure you keep a clear difference between this and ‘recommendations’ (like good restaurants in the neighborhood and such). Stick to real trivia. Like the year the city your hotel is in was founded, or what the oldest building is and so on.

To give you an example, I created a serie of posts for the boutique hotel Nieuw Uilenburg, located in the old city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. Their location is absolutely ideal for trivia posts. Of course, not every hotel is as lucky as Nieuw Uilenburg and has this amount of trivia available to them. If your location is not as interesting, it might be a challenge to find enough facts to share. But no worries, in this post I will give you some ‘hooks’ to start. Let’s see.

1. Go Geographical

Take a look at your geographical location. Where are you at? What can you tell your possible visitors about your destination? Let’s take a look at Nieuw Uilenburg. This hotel is located in the relative south of the Netherlands. But, the Netherlands are very small. So one of the things they could tell their potential visitors is how close they are to other popular destinations like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

They can tell their potential visitors this by providing them a helpful insight like the time on the train/road to go from one place to another, or they can give the post a fun twist. Like in the example underneath.

Other things Nieuw Uilenburg for example could do in this category:
  • Tell their fans they are the capital of their province
  • Tell their fans about the water-situation in their city (since most of the Netherlands is underneath sea level and Den Bosch is no exception)
  • Tell their fans how far they are from… the ocean, a certain lake, etc.
  • Explain the different forms of transport fans can use to get to them

2. Hop in the time machine, share some history

The most obvious way to get trivia facts is to turn to the history books. Or well, the web. There are tons of facts available about your location – no matter where you’re based. How interesting they are is a different question. For Nieuw Uilenburg, this category is extremely rich. They could go on and on with history trivia if they wanted to. I made a few examples but I easily create a library of over 100 facts for them. Depending on your location this might be more difficult for your hotel, but there must still be a lot. If you exact location isn’t the easiest, take on nearby towns and cities. And don’t forget your building. Or your hotel’s history.

You could talk about:
  • Famous historical people from your city, like actors, painters, musicians and so on
  • Old rituals, wars, festivities, events, natural storms, revolutions
  • Animals that used to live in your area, climate change and such
  • Big historical moments

3. Go local with facts and numbers

Another easy trivia source are facts and numbers. The amount of habitants of your city, the size, the most commonly eaten food, most sold products and so on.


  • Need some more categories? What about food, drinks, music, movies, books, celebrities, events, sports, accomplishments? There are so many options.
  • Try to find a funny angle to the fact you’re presenting. Either put this in the visual, or in the description that goes along.
  • Think about what might interest your visitors. They probably don’t want to know about your crime rate last year, or the average housing costs.
Trivia Destination Facts - Social media for Hotels


Trivia posts are a great way to fill up your content agenda. They are the perfect type of content to put in the mix for easy entertainment. Posts are simple to create and to come up with. Start a brainstorm session, do some research and scribble down all fun facts you can think of or that come up. Then go ahead and mass-produce the posts and visuals – either by creating them yourself or dedicating this to a designer. After that, decide which day would be best for you to post this type of content. And then, schedule! That’s at least a month worth of content done within one morning of work. It isn’t going to get any easier.

Did you enjoy this post? Then please let me know in the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you come across any inspiring examples from hotels, please do share.

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