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Think about the questions you regularly get in your hotel’s inbox. Besides questions about availability, many of them will be regarding your rooms and property. Is there WiFi? Do you have a gym? Is breakfast included? All these questions form perfect input for social media content. You can easily turn your answers to these questions into good-looking visuals. These will simultaneously create a stream of posts for your Instagram, Facebook or other platforms. Double win!

Boost the benefits

In this blog post I will show you some examples of possible posts. The hotel I used as a ‘case study’ here is Little Duke, a boutique hotel in the heart of Den Bosch, the Netherlands. This beautiful hotel offers their guests some nifty features like self-check in and Netflix. These are perfect benefits to blend into this facts-about-our-hotel stream of posts to spice it up a little.

I used photos from the Facebook page and page of this lovely hotel in these examples.

Copy it

Although your post should be clear and understandable, you can definitely play with copy. See the two examples below. Surf like a maniac and Netflix & Chill are ways to grab your reader’s attention. They are funnier than ‘Free WiFi’ and ‘Netflix Available’ and stimulate your fans to interact. Want to increase the chances of engagement even more? Read on.

Knowing your customer is the real trick in coming up with the right copy. In my last e-book I explained how to create buyer personas. Although this e-book is focused on restaurants an cafés, it’s definitely also usable for hotels. If you want to get a free copy, click here.

Use the description to get creative

You don’t want to put too much text on your visuals. They should be readable. Use short sentences, easy words. To increase the interaction with your fans you could get creative with the description that goes along with the post.

For example, let’s take the Netflix post I showed you above. Why not use the description on Instagram or Facebook and say: “Who of your friends could live in this room forever?”, “Which little Duke would love this?” or maybe: “What are you going to watch? Tell us your Netflix favorite”. Keep the questions light, make it effortless for people to comment. They should be able to react with one or two words, or with a simple @tag.

Social Media for your Hotel - Hospitality Marketing - Tremento


  • Don’t just mention boring benefits: try to find the unique ones.
  • Create a blend of facts people want to know, and things that might surprise them.
  • Play with copy – don’t just name the fact.
  • Think about the description.
  • Create a serie of posts. Make them a weekly thing.

Did you enjoy this post? Then please let me know in the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you come across any inspiring examples from hotels, please do share.

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