3 tips for your next restaurant video to learn from the MCL Restaurant commercial

MCL Restaurant Video - Marketing Technique

You got a restaurant? Great! Now you need to tell the whole world about it. A commercial might just be the way to go. Video is perfect for online advertising and is well known to be probably the best marketing tool out there at the moment. Video engages much, much more than static images. This isn’t just true for your younger audience: it counts for everyone on the internet. People like videos. But.. people are also very critical when it comes to what they want to watch and what they don’t. Does your video look boring? Then they’re gone again within the whim of a second. You have to hook your visitor in at the very first second.

So, today we look at this example from the MCL Restaurant & Bakery. They decided to tell something about their history and values through an animation. Perfect for social media. It’s quick, it’s creative, it’s entertaining.

Six million noodles, or about 2000 miles of noodles

What to learn from this video:

  • Share funny facts, not just dry information. Tell your audience something that might surprise them. Tell them something they’d like to share.
  • Match the visuals to your style. I must say that after watching this video I expected similar content on the website of MCL and their social media networks. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Don’t make the same mistake. Make sure everything is aligned with your brand. Because if it isn’t, you will disappoint your (potential) customer. Just like I was disappointed after visiting the social media and website of this particular restaurant.
  • Keep it short. Whether you’re telling a story like MCL is in this video or showing off your most popular dishes: the attention span of your viewers is short and you need to keep them engaged. Unless you’re creating your own restaurant how-to-cook-this-at-home series or like a bake-off contest, a (reality) show really, I’d advice to keep it about 30 seconds. This is perfect for (online) commercials. Don’t make it longer if you don’t have to.

“Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average, per day, and those videos have +135% further organic reach than photo posts.”

Did you find this helpful, fun or interesting? Then please leave a comment! And if you have other restaurant video I should check out, please share. Hostels, hotels, restaurants… All promotional videos are welcome.

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