Social Media Marketing for a glamping by Finca Les Coves

Finca Les Coves is an eco glamping situated in the Costa Blanca region, in a stunning, natural paradise. The power team behind Finca Les Coves exists out of Anna, Cees, and Sander. We talked to Anna about their glamping, their story, and what role marketing and social media plays for them. 

1) Why did you start with glamping Finca Les Coves?

Honestly, it could have been any project abroad in the hospitality industry at the time. I was recovering from burnout, and Cees hadn’t been happy with his job for a long time. We craved a new way of living, with more nature and animals around us. Spain was perfect because I already spoke a little Spanish and the culture and climate are obviously wonderful. Above that, we got the opportunity to take over a place that was already well-established by the previous owners. Right now I think it would also be fun to build something from scratch, but at the time, we weren’t ready for a project like that. We expected that, with this project and what had already been established, we could calmly enter and familiarize ourselves with the market and the profession. Looking back, that “calm onboarding” turned out to be an illusion, but it certainly helped that the previous owners had paved the way for us.

2) How did you promote Finca Les Coves at the start?

I have a background in online marketing and I specialized in content creation and copywriting, so that was an advantage. Instagram has always been an important medium for us. I had my own account with almost 5000 followers and I was able to redirect a large part of them to the account of the finca. We also immediately started collaborations with influencers. In the beginning, I accepted all the collaborations I could get, but nowadays I am pickier when it comes to collaborations with influencers. The eco aspect is very important to us, so we look for influencers who match our values and thoughts. Usually, we work with influencers who want to promote us in exchange for accommodation and meals. However, if I feel an influencer is truly delivering a lot of extra value, then I may decide to pay for the airline tickets too. Big influencers get so many requests! You have to make it as attractive as possible for them to come.

In addition, we teamed up with relevant partners in our sector such as and We also often said “no” to partners, because the campsites and accommodations on their websites didn’t match with how we want to be portrayed. I prefer to show up between the top competition, not between campsites without character.

Our main goal is to make sure that the online 360 ​​experience of the finca is always on point. This means that we are present on every platform where our guests may find us (Google, review sites, partners, blogs). A lot of work, but it’s super important. Updating info, providing fresh photos, etc. 

3) What do you think it is that makes Finca Les Coves such a success?

We are our target customers, so we know what they want. Our communication is personal, we show who the “people behind the brand” are, and we make sure our guests can identify with us. They feel like they know us before they even have arrived. We are city-people, not farmer, but we try hard to make our plae as eco-friendly as possible. I think that inspires others without annoying them. More and more people are moving towards a more “slow way of living” where they can reconnect with themselves and nature. When people come here, they can experience this lifestyle a little. Get a taste of it. 

Social Media Marketing for a glamping: a great example by Finca Les Coves, a glamping in Spain.
Photo by @rowinvbavel

4) What role does social media marketing play for Finca Les Coves?

A very important one. First of all, we didn’t have a website in the beginning. Instagram was our salvation! Our Instagram served like a mini-website during that time. Social media is also a very important part of our identity. If we didn’t have Instagram anymore… well, it would really feel like an arm was being amputated from the finca! Instagram keeps us “top of mind” with our target audience. Social media marketing gives us the opportunity to reach the right target group with the right information for our glamping. We use paid advertising on social media for this, too. It’s has a very high ROI. With just €100 we can get bookings and many new followers.

5) What do you recommend to other B&B/glamping/hospitality owners in the field of social media marketing?

First: create an archive of high-quality images. Collect this content in an app such as Planoly. Every time someone takes beautiful photos of our place, I collect them immediately. This assures I always have good content on hand.

Invest in professional photos that show your hotel or bnb (etc) from its best side.

Aren’t you a star in photography? Then try to create a barter deal with a photographer or videographer.

Professional photos are so important for social media marketing. You have to compete with all other photos that pass in someone’s timeline on Instagram. Make sure that the photos are not too generic. A room with a white duvet and a white wall doesn’t tell a story. The picture has to basically jump off someone’s timeline! Get inspiration from bnbs that you really like, and try to mimic such a setting.

Also; behind the scenes stories or videos work great in Instagram Marketing. Guests love to see how your (and their!) holiday paradise is created. It’s an easy way for them to get involved with your “brand”.

I would also recommend owners invest in email marketing. I started doing this a few months ago and I have gotten such nice responses. We have a newsletter and a welcome sequence. This means that when people subscribe to our newsletter, they automatically receive 5 e-mails. There is a certain structure in this system, which should eventually encourage people to book. 

Social Media Marketing for a Glamping, how do you do that? Anna, from Finca Les Coves, tells us how they do it!
Photo by @c.loveur

Feel inspired? Then definitely check out Finca Les Coves website and book a stay! We are sure Anna, Cees and Sander will give you a warm welcome. 

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