STORIES Café Visual Identity – CBI #1

Stories café visual identity

I’m an absolute sucker for cute cafés, bistros and coffee shops – although that last one sounds a bit funky to me because as a Dutchie, my interpretation of ‘coffee shop’ is something completely else ? So, just to be clear: when I mention ‘coffee shop’ on this blog, I mean a café. A place that actually serves coffee. And is good at, too.


In this first #CBI, meaning Café Branding Inspiration post, I want to share the visual identity of Stories, a café in Oakwood, near Leeds, the UK. The place serves artisan coffee, cold-pressed juice and a locally sourced menu. Their visual identity was designed by Passport Design Bureau. After their research they decided to use dots to playfully represent the different stories within the café and its products.

“We started by designing a contemporary logotype with customised characters that double as simplified representations of people; the staff, customers and suppliers who create the stories.”

What is there to like?

I particularly love the use of the customized typeface in this design. The Scandinavian style is nothing new – it’s getting cliché, even. But by using different paper types for the printed media, a customized typeface and the dots the design agency managed to still create an authentic overall look. That’s good, because we know Scandinavian is trendy and works well for coffee shops but it’s important to have something original. Otherwise you’re just the same as the other 10, or even 100 cafés in town.


  • Using a very trendy, popular style? Make sure to add some elements to truly make it your own.
  • Before you decide to use such a popular style, ask yourself if this style really fits your business the best
  • Do some research after your products, location and people: can you use their history as a part of your brand?

Did you find this helpful or interesting? Then please leave a comment! Also, if you know any other café which I should check out because of its visual identity, please let me know.

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The pictures used in this blog post come from the Behance project of Passport Design Bureau. The video is by Opal Video Productions (Leeds).

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