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Ever since AirBnB was founded in 2008, many people took the opportunity and started offering their homes as a short rental solution for travelers visiting their city. The service has become so popular that it’s now reached more than 191 countries with up to 6 million listings.

Needless to say – it is a very competitive business and reviews are essential if you want to successfully grow and become a popular host on and off social media.

 In this post, we’ll share the 10 best AirBnB host tips given to us by superhosts from around the world!

Top 10 AirBnB Host Tips




Here are 10 AirBnB host tips on how to become the best host you can be:

1. Keep it clean

Your AirBnB should be absolutely spotless and ready for new guests to check-in. You should make sure to change the sheets, wash the dishes, clean any dust – just think about how it feels to find a stained bed sheet or a glass with a lipstick mark on it. Sure, they might be just small mistakes in your eyes, but it’s the details people remember and that’s what will essentially affect your reviews. So really take your time!

2. Provide information

Make sure you leave your guests with a sufficient list of house rules and any additional information that will make their stay easier. This list should include check-in and check-out instructions, contact information in case they have any questions, and any equipment related info they might need to know.

3. Include amenities in your AirBnB listing

People love comfort, especially when traveling and away from their homes – their comfort zones. You will most definitely face competition in your city, so you need to be able to offer something „special“.

Anything from a fireplace, extra kitchen equipment to a swimming pool will win you extra points. Also, offering amenities which guests would otherwise have to rent elsewhere, like bikes, kayaks, paddle boards will help to make a the difference when trying to attract potential guests to your AirBnB. This last tip was provided to us by AirBnB host Monica Jacqueline, who has two listings on the site, both in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

4. Be responsive

Communication is the key. Make sure you are available whenever your guests might need you – from the moment they book their stay to when it’s time for them to check out. Responding fast is very crucial – if you’re not fast enough somebody else will be. If your AirBnB is local to you make sure you leave your contact on the site to make it easier to reach out.

5. Be there to make things right

If something goes wrong – from a major plumbing issue to miscommunication – don’t turn a blind eye and make sure you are there to fix whatever the problem is. This could mean a written apology or a partial refund. This way, what started as a bad situation can end in a good review.

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6. Go beyond

Every city has something that makes it stand out. Do you live in a wine country? Stock on wine glasses or provide a list of the best local wineries. Is your area known for its historical monuments or natural sites? Make sure you add that extra touch and make your space memorable.

7. Say no to clutter

Be careful not to over-decorate your place or have too much stuff laying around. You can make the place look tidy and cozy, but if it gets too cluttered it will just create the opposite effect – and you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible.

8. Get your own website

Apart from listing your place on Airbnb and other similar platforms, it is definitely worth it to have your own website. Not only does it look more professional, but it also gives you extra space to show off your house or provide additional info about the area. There are plenty of ideas you can consider!

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9. Build your AirBnB brand

It is absolutely essential to promote your AirBnB online. Not only to make your place seen but also to give your guests a space to share their experience and attract more potential visitors. You can start by creating Instagram and Facebook pages, have professional photos taken, and learn how to use hashtags and Facebook ads.

10.  Date it, don’t marry it!

As AJ Gros, AirBnB host, put it – „Dress it up, throw some makeup on it and let that thing make you money. Keep her looking good so everyone else wants to date her.”

The AirBnB business is competitive. Even if you think you’re on top of your game, don’t fall asleep! Really do your research and think about new ways to stay ahead of your competition. It doesn’t have to be a major change, even a small adjustment can go a long way.

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So those are our first 10 AirBnB host tips and tricks

We hope these tips are helpful to any (new) AirBnB host. However: make sure you still do your own research. Trends in AirBnB hosting tend to change and you should do your best to keep up with them and eventually become a superhost. Any business where human interaction and communication are vital is very hard and intense, so our last advice is: treat it like a job and not a hobby, keep your head up and smile. You got this!

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