6 AirBnB website design ideas

AirBnB website design… Sounds fun, but do you even need a website as an AirBnB host?

The answer is yes. If you own a short-term rental or an AirBnB, then you need a website. Having your own website is a must for any short-term rental or AirBnB host that wants to thrive. Having your own website makes you less confined to the limits of AirBnB, which is super important.

Many hosts have started to discover the importance of having your own website due to the pandemic. We all saw how AirBnB stood in the way and became a real obstacle for many hosts. Cancelling reservations, no refunds.. for many hosts, it was a complete nightmare. Now imagine you had your own website and you could’ve rebooked a high number of these guests. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Still many hosts have their listings solemnly on Airbnb. I understand that: uploading your listing to AirBnB sounds a whole lot easier than creating your own website. But having your own website is – in our opinion – absolutely essential. And: it helps you to avoid the service fee. A win-win: your guests pays less, you get more. And the guest’s data is worth a lot, too. A few bookings on your own website and you’ll have the investment back – especially if you let us build your website, since we’re pretty dang affordable.

But okay, let’s take a look at some examples!

AirBnB host website design

Why your AirBnB or BnB needs a website:

“We have our own website for about 5-6 years now. If you want direct bookings so you don’t have to rely on the online travel agents, this is the way to go – you are in complete control then of your guests, their full experience from start to finish, and get them to become loyal customers to you. We are up to around 75% direct bookings now. When COVID hit, we were hardly impacted as we could have a direct discussion with our guests about how to handle the booking – most moved bookings till later in the year / next year.” – Allison Carsley – Lebatard, Haus Schneeberg

Creative, colorful and well structured. That’s how I’d describe the website of LOVAT House. It’s easy to find all the answers to the questions you, as a guest, may have. I particularly enjoy the color scheme of this gorgeous BnB.

Lovathouse BnB website design

Words from Joseph, LOVAT House:

“The majority of people look for their information online, if you’re not there then you don’t exist. It can be the main place to find information and get a feel for the environment which you want to visit. First impressions always count.” – Joseph, LOVAT House

Can you hear that Greek music? Smell the garlic? Tzatziki, gyros, white beaches and houses, the sun on your back, the waves rolling over your feet. Your imagination will definitely be sparked when looking at the Angelbay Bungalows website. This is AirBnB website design done well.

The header that scrolls down with you is a great idea on a website with such ‘long’ pages. The only feedback I’d have is that an SSL certificate is missing. Something which is incredibly important nowadays. 

Angelbay Bungalows BnB Web Design

Haarlem. Does that ring a bell? Indeed, the famous neighborhood ‘Harlem’ in New York City was named after this town in the Netherlands. If you ever plan on visiting the Netherlands, then a visit to Haarlem is definitely worth it – as is a stay at Studio Koning. Their website easily lures you in and makes you want to hit the “book now” option.

So what’s so good about this BnB website design? It’d be the overall aesthetic, in my opinion. The rustic color pallet that matches the photos of the BnB itself. Well done, guys!

Another good thing about this website is the background info they provide about themselves as the hosts. As a potential guest, you want to know who you’re staying with when you book an AirBnB or BnB. They’ve also included information about their corona safety measures, which I’d say is essential at the time of writing (September 2020).

Studio Koning Airbnb web design

A pastel color palette pretty much always works. As does it on the website of Mattinson Hosted Homes. What I love most about this website? It’s the ‘air’. It’s light, airy, easy to navigate, and answers every FAQ.

Mattison Hosted Homes AirBnB website design

Words from Marcy, the host:

I think it’s important to have a website to showcase your business and properties the way that you want. Other platforms, like booking engines, can be great, but may be restricting as they only have certain fields to add. With your own website, you have the option of adding a direct booking feature, which is ideal when other platforms are not functioning. Or for guests who wish to bypass service fees. You may get more bookings once you’re more established because you’re saving your guests from dealing with other platforms for payment, refunds, additional fees, etc.

Overlooking Baylys Beach on the west coast of Northland NZ is where we’ll find the Sunset View Lodge. I honestly love this website, because it has everything a good AirBnB website example needs.

  1. A clear call to action right at the home page (make a booking)
  2. Not too many menu items (6)
  3. High-quality pictures
  4. An easy to use contact form

All information required to answer a guest’s questions is there – and that’s it. Not more. One mistake many websites make is that they overdeliver. They drown their visitors with information. Think about it: when you visit a web page, are you going to read everything that’s on that page? No way. You are probably even scanning this article. So kill your darlings.

Make airbnb website - Sunsetview Lodge - BnB Website Design

Purple, green, calligraphy, flowers: the Rookwood Inn website makes me feel like I’ve just stepped into a fairytale. If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy luxury and ‘read a book with a cup of tea’, then you’ll be lured in by this design.

The Rookwood Inn website has it all. It’s easy to navigate, consistent in branding and authentic. I went through the website to give Amy (the owner) some feedback but didn’t have much to say. The blog page can be improved, but other than that: I like it!

So what about your BnB or AirBnB website design?

Tremento Hotel Website Design

Do you already have a website for your AirBnB? Is it up to date, is it responsive (meaning: it also functions perfectly on a smartphone)? Is your website being seen by Google, and does it provide your guests with all the information they might need? Your rooms, contact details, facilities and so on?

If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to check out our AirBnB website design service. We design websites for hotels, AirBnBs, BnBs, cafés and restaurants. We bridge the gap between ‘do it yourself’ and ‘spend a fortune on a designer’.

Just note: we only do website design for hospitality brand owners. So restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, food trucks, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation providers. Our websites are structured to serve this exact audience. So if you are like a retailer, a gym, a lawyer firm, a therapist… then sorry, this isn’t for you!

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