The top 10 content categories to engage Millennials

The top 10 content categories to engage Millennials

By identifying which content categories are most interesting to Millennials, you can maximize your content efforts. To know which categories are most popular is to know what to actually create content about. And that’s extremely helpful. Now don’t start thinking ‘I’m a hotel, so my content should be about my hotel’. That’s passé. In today’s media landscape you ought to think broad. 

Spoiled for choice

We know that Millennials spend a lot of time on social media and streaming services like Netflix, iTunes and Spotify. Millennials that like to game invest huge parts of their day on Twitch (gaming video streaming service) whereas foodies get lost in food blogs and Instagram profiles all day long. Buzzfeed manages to capture the attention of many Millennials through short and fun videos, engaging quizzes and posts about topics that are trending.

Millennials Content Categories Social Media Interests

Of course, for every category of content we’ll find a large audience of Millennials – with them being the second biggest generation at the moment and the first digital native generation it would be impossible not to. But which topics are leading in the Millennials sphere? We should be able to find out by looking at the websites that are most popular among them. By finding out which topics Millennials engage with the most you can create a better content strategy for your hotel or hostel: you can wrap your content around these topics and build a combination between the specific topic, the ho(s)tel and the ho(s)tel’s location.

The selection

The most popular websites for Millennials are, besides Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, in no particular order:

  • YouTube
  • Buzzfeed
  • Refinery29
  • VICE
  • Elite Daily
  • Mashable
  • Reddit
  • Upworthy
  • Gawker

This list is based upon reading multiple articles and looking at data from Quantcast.

The top 10 categories

I went ahead to look at the different categories featured on each one of these websites. The ones that were featured more than 3 times were:

Millennials Content Categories Consumption Trends

Video: was often featured as a separate category, although I believe video should be part of any category named earlier in the current internet space. If you are to create content video should always be an option. I don’t think it’s a topic category like the others. 


These are just some quick insights I wanted to share with you that I discovered while doing research. There’s much more to Millennials and their content consumption to share and as I’ve been doing a deep-dive into this subject lately I can promise you there will be more posted on the blog this month. If you want to stay updated on this, I recommend you to become a member of the 100% free Tremento Tribe. Just click here. 

Did you enjoy this post? Then please let me know in the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you come across any inspiring examples from hotels or hostels creating content, please do share.

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