Week 2 of the Tremento Tribe Challenge

Wow, can you believe it’s been 2 weeks already? It feels like it was yesterday when we started the challenge, and we have enjoyed every single piece of content you guys have shared with us.

  • We’re working very hard to deliver all the material, and to provide valuable feedback (on top of our clients’ work!) to all the participants, so please be patient if we don’t reply to your inquiries right away.
  • We’re also working hard on showcasing and sharing your content on our Instagram profile, our Facebook Page & Group, as well as here on the website. You are all doing such an amazing job and we want to share it with our audience so more people can see how well you’re doing. We love how you’re crushing your Instagram Marketing game!
  • Please invite other hospitality brands this week to join the challenge. We would be so happy to receive more engagement, and we believe there’s just so much in this challenge for small businesses! So invite your local café, pub, restaurant, BnB or hotel, too!

If you’re interested in how the first week of our challenge went, check here. And now… all about you!

Here’s a video with the best submissions from week 2!

We want to thank everyone for participating and sharing some amazing content with us, day in, day out! We made this little video with your submissions (We also showcase your work on our IG profile every day). Hope you guys will keep sharing and improving your Instagram Marketing game – you rock!

Let’s talk Instagram Marketing – this is how YOU guys do it!

Looking for more support? Our Facebook Group is just the right thing for you, then!

We might be halfway there, but there are still 2 more weeks before our challenge ends! If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, we hope that you will soon – there’s still a lot of amazing ideas and prompts for you to use in your business’s Instagram marketing strategy! And there is nothing that would make us more proud than seeing you grow!

To make the journey even more pleasant for you, your business, and your team, we have created a Facebook group where small hospitality brands from all over the world can discuss all things online marketing related. Learn from each other, inspire each other, and help each other. We’d love to see you learn and grow with us!

Hope to see you there soon!

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