Tremento Tribe Challenge – Week 3

Week 3 of the Tremento Tribe Challenge is ‘a wrap’. Can you believe it? Haven’t these past few weeks just flown by? We are definitely rocking hospitality marketing right now.

Only 10 more prompts are left to tackle in the Tremento Tribe Challenge 2020. Which ones are you going to rock? We’ve uploaded ALL of them, so go and check out the calendar if you want to be ahead of the game. You can find them here:

Now, this week’s wrap up. I’ve been trying different ways to highlight our favorite entrees. I’m not sure what the best way is, so I will just keep experimenting. This week, this had lead to the video below. Hope you enjoy!

The featured accounts are:

We forgot to put this one in the video but also, a shoutout to Lovat House:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You guys make my day every single time a challenge post is uploaded!

I can’t wait to see what the last 10 days will bring us. The Facebook group has been growing like crazy which is awesome. I’ll also be releasing more and more information about the upcoming membership program this week.

Oh, and: I’m going live this Tuesday! In the Facebook Group. At 7:30PM Amsterdam time (19:30). I’ll be sharing my top tools for Instagram and you can ask me any question you like. I’ll be live for at least 30 minutes. See you then and there.

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