How to Market a Bed and Breakfast on Instagram (It’s Freebie time!)

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, especially popular among the millennials. Besides uploading and sharing pictures, aspiring photographers use it to build their exclusive portfolios. Both international and local travelers often find their next destination through Instagram. A pretty picture can go a long way here! So, let’s talk bed and breakfast Instagram Marketing, shall we? 

Instagram has been widely used by the hospitality industry to attract guests by uploading (professionally shot) photos of hotels, B&Bs, inns, guest houses, and their facilities. If you get it right, you can reach a lot of people. Attracting local and domestic travelers is now more important than ever, as people are in search of comfortable and well-maintained properties to stay over for their vacations or short trips nearby. Travel abroad will be less common this year. 

Hence, as a Bed and Breakfast or a guest house owner, you should make use of the potentials of this social networking platform. The following tips can help answer the main question you might have: How to market a bed and breakfast on Instagram.

1) Respond on Time

Instagram rewards users who are active and respond to messages promptly. Being an interactive platform, you should always make it a point to respond to comments within 24 hours.

2) Make Your Guests Happy

Re-sharing pictures shared by your guests as your story makes them happy and popular at the same time.

3) Select the Right Images

You should only be uploading pictures that are of high quality. In case you wish to share a low-resolution image and think it can be useful, share it as a story and not in your feed.
Make sure you always share photos which are of high quality!

4) Highlights in Categories

Create highlights across different categories on your profile. A highlight is one of those ‘categories’ you can put at the top of your profile. It’s basically a library where you can store Instagram Stories, meaning they’ll still be available to view even after 24 hours (a normal Instagram Story disappears after 24 hours).

It’s a good idea to add custom highlights with useful content such as pictures of food, attractions in your area, events at your property, etc. You can add stories to your highlight when you post them or within 24 hours after you’ve posted them.Watch your steps with Hotel or Restaurant Reopening

5) Stay Active With Your Updates

We recommend you publish a story daily on your IG story section. While doing so, double-check the hashtags to ensure they create meaningful engagement. You can add up to 10 hashtags in an Instagram Story. You do so by just typing in #theword, so for example #bedandbreakfast.

6) Increase Engagement 

Want to increase engagement? Then post questions in your feed or story captions to interact with your audience. Even posts like: “Share Two Pictures of Sunset around Your Area via DM” or something similar works. You don’t need to do this with every post, but try to ask a question at least 30% of the time.

7) Create Quality Captions

It’s best to avoid controversial topics when creating captions. Make them informative, inspiring, or inject a good amount of storytelling. Don’t forget to perform spell checks before posting them. Are you struggling to come up with captions? Then be sure to become a member of the Tremento Tribe. As a member, coming up with new captions and posts will become a total breeze!

Rebecca, from Chateau de la Ruche, is a master when it comes to Instagram captions and engagement. Here you can truly see the value of longer-written content. Look at the number of comments and likes! Check out their feed to see some more amazing examples! We’ve got an interview with Rebecca coming up later this week.

8) Come-up with IG contests

Highly useful to get new followers, you can collaborate with different influencers to host a giveaway or create your own IG contests.

9) Connect with other Locals

Following and sharing pictures posted by local photographers or visitors bolsters them. You can do so by adding hashtags like #MYCity, #OURDENVER, etc.

10) Start Interacting

Interacting with people following the hashtags that relate to your brand, can be a great way to promote your B&B. So leave comments on posts that use #bedandbreakfast, #inn, #guesthouse, #localtravel and so on.

Want to know more on how to market your bed and breakfast?

We didn’t really share everything we know about bed and breakfast marketing here, since it’s quite a list! That’s why we decided to share a freebie with you – all you gotta do is click here and download our amazing guide on how to market your bed and breakfast on Instagram!

And, if you need help with optimizing your social media content, then join the Tremento Tribe (check out the page to see when registration is open!)

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, especially popular among the millennials. That sounds like a good enough reason to dig into its game.

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