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Tremento Portfolio - Zahida - Restaurant Photography

Restaurant photography at people’s choice best place for dinner in Copenhagen

Zahida is the highest ranked place to go for some dinner in Copenhagen – and not without a good reason. Located in a food market, this little spot serves the most delicious Pakistani dishes to its guests. But it’s not just the outstanding taste of the food that draws people in: it’s the two guys behind this place, Shane and Bobby, that are responsible for Zahida’s success. Their friendly smiles, curious minds and tremendous feeling for hospitality will make your day.

Zahida was still located at Westmarket, in Copenhagen, when I came to visit them. Before my trip to this Scandinavian ‘city of design’ I reached out to this little joint to see if we could work together. I read all about their delicious Pakistani food on TripAdvisor. People praised the dishes and the friendliness of the staff. You can imagine how glad I was when Shane, owner of Zahida, replied enthusiastically to my e-mail.

So halfway August 2018 I went to Zahida and met up with Bobby and Shane, the two owners of Zahida. I brought two models and then enjoyed a splendid selection of the menu to photograph. The results can be seen underneath. Photographing at Zahida while learning more about Pakistani food and Copenhagen, was pure joy. The curry was one of the best I ever tried and I can honestly say Zahida will remain one of the highlights of my trip to Copenhagen.

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