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Are you looking for the best, most creative hotel names? In this post I have compiled a list of over 100 creative hotel names. They also work great as AirBnB names, cabin names or resort names.

But before we dive into the list…

What makes a good hotel name idea?

A good hotel name idea is one that is:

  • easy to remember
  • unique and not (already) used a billion times
  • helps to identify what your hotel’s about – either the location or personality

It may sometimes be hard to come up with a unique name. In this blog post, I tried to come up with a list of creative names for a wide variety of categories and locations. Most of them are even still available as domain names. Sometimes you just need to put ‘hotel’, ‘resort’, ‘suites’ or whatever suits you best behind the first word. You can use a tool like namemesh to do this. Type in your first word and ‘hotel’, then scroll down and take a look at the column on the left called ‘similar’. I bet there’s a variation that suits you well. However, the truth is that, as soon as something gets published on the internet, it can be taken by anyone.

Thus… fingers crossed that, if you find your perfect brand name down below, it’s still available!

If you want to brainstorm together about your name, then check out our branding package or logo design package. We can include a name-brainstorm session for free.

Let’s get our Tremento Hotel Name Generator started… Spin the wheel, here the list comes!

Fancy Hotel Name

  1. Hypnos – after the Greek god of sleep
  2. Iris – Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods
  3. Azul – Arabic name meaning sky blue (theazulhotel.com)
  4. Ebony – meaning ‘deep, black wood’
  5. Altheda – a Greek word, meaning ‘like a blossom’
  6. Aurelia Latin-inspired name meaning ‘golden’
  7. Citrus – After the fruit (citrus-hotel.com)
  8. The Nectarine – after the fruit (nectarinehotel.com or nectarinelodge.com)
  9. Xanthe – after the Greek word that means ‘yellow’
  10. Saros – after the “Saros Cycle” a period in which eclipses repeat themselves
  11. Odyssey Resort

Luxury Hotel Name

  1. 7 Mirrors Hotel
  2. Aether – after the Greek god, of the upper air, light, the atmosphere, space and heaven
  3. Primrose High
  4. Ceilo – after the Italian word for ‘sky’
  5. Dritan Stay – Dritan is an Albanian name, meaning ‘light’
  6. Eight Foot
  7. Jade Hotel – this name is derived from the word ‘ijada’, which means ‘stone of the colic.’ We know Jade as the bright green gemstone, which just screams ‘luxury’!
  8. Gaia – named after the primal Greek goddess of the Earth. Known as the great mother of all and often referred to as “Mother Earth”
  9. Indigo – dark bluish purple dye that is obtained from plants
  10. 25 Hazel – add the number of your address where it says ‘25’
  11. Melanie – from the Greek word ‘black’
  12. Truth Hotel
  13. Beatrix – means ‘blessed’
  14. The Gregory
  15. Tangerine
  16. Columba – after the dove that warned Noah about the flood, not a famous name, but definitely fancy enough for a luxury hotel. Columba-hotel.com is still available.
  17. Blue Jay Hotel
  18. Ignite Hotel
  19. New Apollo
  20. Pearl Lodge
  21. Cider (ciderhotel.com)

Nature Hotel Names

  1. Sequoia Hotel
  2. Olive Garden
  3. Maple 247 – 247 referring to 24/7, hospitality 24/7
  4. Cedar Point
  5. Gazella – after one of the most gracious animals out there
  6. 101 Clover
  7. Hazelwood Hotel
  8. Alyvia – perfect for a hotel with an olive tree filled garden: the name is derived from the name “Olivia,” which is inspired by the name “Oliva,” meaning “olive tree,” in Latin.
  9. Stargaze Inn + Stargaze Hotel
  10. Seek Safari
  11. Blizzard (blizzardhotel.com)
  12. Stardust Cabin

Boutique Hotel Name

  1. Atlas Hotel
  2. Panthera
  3. Atlas Villa (atlasvilla.com)
  4. Hesperus – The Evening Star, Greek mythology
  5. The Jasmine Hotel
  6. Voltage Hotel
  7. El Arturo
  8. Giselle Hotel
  9. Blaise Hotel 
  10. Stamp Hotel
  11. Antheia – after the Goddess of gardens, flowers, swamps, and marshes
  12. Saffron – after the golden-orange color of this super expensive spice
  13. New Age Hotel
  14. Calantha Hotel – Greek name meaning ‘beautiful flower
  15. Emerald – after the deep green stone 
  16. The Antonio (antoniohotel.com)
  17. Emerge Hotel
  18. Badru – Egyptian name meaning ‘born during the full moon’

Funny Hotel Names

  1. Big Bang Hotel
  2. Cupcake Hotel
  3. Less Hotel
  4. The May Day (maydayhotel.com)
  5. Bad Ass Hotel
  6. Red Box Hotel
  7. Snooze Lodge
  8. Vagabond Cabin
  9. Voltage Hotel
  10. Raspberry Hotel
  11. Roam Cabin
  12. Coconut Suite
  13. Butterscotch Hotel
  14. Honey Cabin
  15. Apricot Inn
  16. Finch Inn
  17. Orson Hotel
  18. The Bobcat
  19. Easy Tucan
  20. Find Wonderland
  21. Graze Inn
  22. A sleepy hollow
  23. Slumber Cottage
  24. Delve Inn

Beach Hotel Name

  1. The Sandcastle
  2. Helios Beach Resort – after the God of the Sun and also known as Sol
  3. Nereus Villa – after the Titan god of the sea before Poseidon and father of the Nereids, nymphs of the sea
  4. Mazarin – French word for dark blue
  5. 99 Beach House
  6. Mobi Beach
  7. Aqiuos
  8. Coast Casa
  9. Azure Inn
  10. Celeste Hotel
  11. Coconut Hotel
  12. Casa Juan (casa-juan.com!)
  13. Amistad – after the Spanish word for friendship
  14. Palmones
  15. Sandize
  16. Hammockes
  17. Soft Hammock
  18. The Breeze Bay
  19. Flipflop Stay
  20. Sandbank Villa
  21. Beachgrass
  22. The Banana Bay or Banana Bai
  23. Whistling Waters
  24. Pelican Town

Those were our hotel name ideas

I hope these hotel names inspire you in some way. While first writing this article I stumbled upon a number of hotel names that I liked so much, that I might turn them into complete hotel branding packages. I just can’t believe how many great names are still available.

Do you have a hotel and are you in need of hotel branding? Graphic design? Then definitely schedule a free call with us.

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I’d love to brainstorm hotel names with you. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Just reach out and we can schedule a call to see if you’re a good match for Tremento!

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