8 Great Bed and Breakfast Tips to make the most out of 2020

In this blog post you will find 8 bed and Breakfast Tips to make the most out of the last 2 months of 2020. I asked a number of bed and breakfast hosts around the world to share their thoughts with me and these are their answers. There’s a variety of thoughts and ideas in this quick, short and sweet blog post. I hope there’s one that helps or motivates you, too!

The 25 boutique B&B Corona Tips
Andy’s Bed and Breakfast Tip: “Start your Spring marketing as early as possible and create scarcity.”

Start with your Bed and Breakfast Spring marketing as early as possible

Start your spring marketing as early as possible and create scarcity.  Even if you’re closed over winter, keep up with daily posts on social media and regular email updates to keep you in the front of their mind when they are ready to book for next year.  Use every opportunity to push the great weather we’re still having and any gaps you have left this year.

Andy – The 25 Boutique B&B, the best B&B in the world!

Moonshadow Bed and Breakfast Tips 2020
Steven & Jeanette from Moonshadow Bed & Breakfast: “inform your guests about your precautions + ask for reviews!”

Create a COVID page on your bed and breakfast website

My bed and breakfast tips during these times: 

I have put up a tab on our website called “Covid”. In this section we have put our house rules (mandatory masks, social distancing etc) as well as precautions we are taking as far as cleaning, breakfast service etc. We have had many guests tell us they booked our BnB over others because we are addressing the situation where others do not. In a time where people have been cooped up for months and are eager to get away, they take comfort in knowing we are doing our best to make things as safe as possible during their stay. 

Other than that, always request reviews!  We have an automated thank you note that goes out two days after check out with clickable links to review on trip advisor. 

Steven & Jeanette Harp – Moonshadow Bed & Breakfast

Do you already have a website for your B&B?

If not, check out our Website Design service! We are specialized in B&B website design.

You didn’t cause COVID

Covid 19 does no one any favors, but it does make one stop and think. We in New Zealand have been very fortunate to date. The community has supported the Government and our short by world standards, lockdown enabled us to clean up our properties and see the world in a new light. No commercial noise, birds chirping close by, and the rest of nature turning back the adjustments it has made because of human interference.

I got photos of calm seas on windless days in areas that usually has boating traffic churning up the waters. Big businesses that depend on traffic to pay all its staff have been the biggest losers. Small in financially committed business have had little issues. Domestic travelers here in New Zealand have kept the wolf from the door, so as to speak. We had a bumper Summer just before Covid turned up. Very fortunate for us. Our next summer is still uncertain. We must adjust our spending because of this possibility.

The thing to remember is, YOU DIDN’T CAUSE COVID. Everyone else has this issue. Be brave, Have faith and know that sometime soon you’ll be looking back at this time.

Stephen and Stue Western – Villa Russell

Why should you use social media as a bed and breakfast?

Social media can work wonders in attracting and reaching new customers without investing much. A strong online presence can help you to compete and stay in the race. There are a few things to keep in mind when you start with social media. You can read more social media bed and breakfast tips right here.

A simple and obvious bed and breakfast tip: be kind

I suppose my tip to everyone is be kind! We have all had a bad year and some people have lost loved ones. We have to all unite together and be kind!

Regards Liz

Liz – Ounuwhao Harding House

Start your day with a positive attitude

Take one day at a time, starting the day with writing down 5-10 things that you can be grateful for.  This simple step helps you to start your day with a positive attitude, it helps you to become more resilient and happier, especially once the habit is formed. It’s the best antidote to depression!

If you have access to the outdoors, this is my favourite – find somewhere outside, in nature, as this helps you to feel better about things.  Sit quietly and count on each finger of your hands, one thing you are grateful for.  Start with 5 fingers to begin with, if it’s not so easy to think of ten. This is so simple and easy to do, and it really helps you to feel good about things. You cannot beat nature to help ground yourself in positivity. 

Barb – Warblers Retreat

Do you need help marketing your bed and breakfast?

Then check out our renewed Social Media Content Packages! If you are too busy running your B&B but want to make sure you at least have some kind of online presence, then this is for you. You can get a trial for €25 to see if it’s something for you. We have a variety of packages, all based upon the #number of posts you want per week and which additional services you require. So chances are high there’s a perfect package for you, too!

Special Occasion Stay at your Bed and Breakfast

We have just had a very successful family reunion weekend.  Being only 3 rooms we were not able to have everyone stay here but we put on an afternoon tea for the whole group (20 people).  So an idea I am looking to consider is a special occasion stay with afternoon tea for up to 20  and opportunity to explore a historic home.

Rayma – Cobden Garden

Birgit from Goldmoor Inn: “You probably don’t know all the wonderful places your own country has to offer!”

Explore your own country

The most important thing is to stay calm and do your daily routine, however always with a mask and always with disinfectant, washing hands frequently and staying away from crowds and keeping your distance. Find some outdoor things to do go hiking, ride your bike, explore the surroundings that are nearby. No need to go too far away places. You probably do not know all the wonderful places your own country has to offer.

Birgit – Goldmoor Inn

Penghana Bed and Breakfast: “Thank your guests for their support!”

Thank your B&B guests for their support!

Here in Tasmania Australia as we are an island separate from Mainland Australia, the extent of our Tourism has been confined to intrastate guests.  

We live in a remote part of the state so during this COVID era I believe we have seen guests who would not normally travel 4 hours to this part of Tasmania.  Our state government has given great incentives for Tasmanians to travel and support local operators.  So I think it is important to ‘thank’ our guests at departure for supporting our business.

I believe those few words “thank you for supporting us at this time” have come back to us twofold.  It is well known the best form of marketing is word of mouth.  The level of referrals and recommendations have dramatically increased.

So my no. 1 tip is: appreciate the support from your fellow state/country guests who have chosen to holiday ‘at home’ rather than go further afield.

Karen – Penghana Bed and Breakfast

I hope these bed and breakfast tips were any useful to you!

And I wish you the very best for the remaining two months of 2020. Let’s hope next year is going to bring us all more joy, luck and happiness. We are going to make the most out of the rest of 2020 though. We got quite a few plans for November and December to help you all with your Christmas marketing. So, if you want more social media, marketing and design-related bed and breakfast tips, then make sure to stay tuned and keep following along!

I recently posted some website bed and breakfast tips on my Instagram. Are you already one of my friends there? You can find me at: @trementohospitality

Karen – Penghana Bed & Breakfast

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