25 x Creative Wine Label Design Inspiration

Are you looking for someone to do wine label design? Or just surfing around the web, looking for wine label design inspiration? Then this article will satisfy your needs, because we’ve collected 25 amazing wine labels from around the web. We dove deep into Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance and other sources to put together this blog post.

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How to design a great wine label?

A great wine label design is one that makes the bottle ‘pop of the shelves’. It’s the kind of label that catches someone’s eye instantly, and makes someone want to buy the bottle just because of the etiquette. But how do you achieve that?

First of all, you want to take a good look at the (national) competition. Which other bottles are on the shelves? What colors are they using? What kind of illustrations? Obviously, you don’t want to turn your own branding upside down, but if you already have branding material established, we’d say the trick is to find a way to innovate. If you are new to the wine industry, and just entering the field, then this is your chance. Don’t budget on design. It’s honestly what will make people buy your wine. That, or word of mouth marketing. Recommendations by friends. Because when someone’s standing in the supermarket looking at your bottle… well, guess what: they haven’t had a single taste of your wine yet (in most cases). So to convince them to buy yours, you need to stand out. Do something special.

What is the best way for wine to stand out of the crowd?

Easy: with the label.

Your label should tell your story. At Tremento, we are extremely passionate about this. Hospitality and F&B design is our thing. Designing wine labels is something we don’t see as work: these projects are pure passion projects. We’re huge wine lovers ourselves. Translating a wine’s taste and background through a label… now, that’s storytelling to the max. And guess what? We’re pretty dang good at it.

Okay, now let’s start the show!

Wine Label for Walt Wines, by Jeremy Mansfield

WALT Wines by Jeremy Mansfield on Dribbble

Walt Wine Label
Walt Wine Label

Bordeaux Wine & Barsaro Wine

By Fabian Krotzer

Bottle Design Bordeaux by Fabian Krotzer on Dribbble

Bottledesign Barsaro by Fabian Krotzer on Dribbble

Bordeaux Wine
Bordeaux Rose Wine
Burgundy Wine

Bushtelly Wine Label

By: Julia Alberts

Bushtelly Wine Label by Julia Alberts on Dribbble

Bueshtelly Wine Label Design

Terraform Wine Label

By Julia Alberts

Terraform Sustainable Wine Label by Julia Alberts on Dribbble

Terraform Wine Label Inspiration

Tremento Wine Label Design

By Lawrence Daniel Taojo (from Tremento)

Tremento Wine Label design by Lawrence Daniel Taojo (from Tremento)
Tremento Wine Label design by Lawrence Daniel Taojo (from Tremento)

Still Bend

Still Bend Wine Label by Julia Alberts on Dribbble

Still Blend Wine Label Inspiration

Petal Press

Petal Press Wine Co. Label by Julia Alberts on Dribbble

Petal Press Wine Labels


By Matias Puliti

Ávido – Wine Label by Matías Puliti on Dribbble

Avido Wine Labels

Familia Palma Estate

By Matias Puliti

Brand and Label Design – Familia Palma Estate by Matías Puliti on Dribbble

Familia Palma Estate Wine

Aita, from the river

By nju: comunicazione

Aita, from the river. on Behance

Wine Labels for Aita

Domaine les Hautes Roches Wine Label

By Gianfranco Pontillo

Domaine les Hautes Roches Wine Label on Behance

Les Hautes Roches Wine Label Design

The First Weekend Winery Label Design

By: Lucy Lange

The First Weekend Winery on Behance

The First Weekend Winery Wine Labels
Wine Box Design

Antichi Cloni

By: https://www.behance.net/donutsinho, https://www.behance.net/cecilia_marzocchi, https://www.behance.net/D_Apostrophe 

Antichi Cloni on Behance

Malvasia Wine

Obsidian Vineyard

By Intuit Creative

Obsidian Vineyard on Behance

Vineyard Branding

Offley Aged Tawnies — Packaging and Label design

By: Volta Brand Shaping Studio

Offley Aged Tawnies — Packaging and Label design on Behance

Wine Packaging Design

Karipidis Winery

By: Luminous Design Group

Karipidis Winery on Behance

Tulip & Espero Wine Branding

By: Plan B Creative Team

Winery Branding strategy & Re-Branding on Behance

Mountain Range Wine Label Design

by Highlo Designs


White wine label

design with fisherman & fish illustration

Ola Nueva – Vino de Espana

by Anne-Julie Cas

Triptyque Wine Labels

By Sophie Morand

Atico De Madrid Wine Label

Designed by Narrow-House, Madrid

Did you enjoy this batch of Wine Label inspiration?

Then stay tuned. We will be releasing many more ‘design inspiration’ articles soon. More wine labels, logos, menu cards, and so on. For, indeed, wine brands, but also other hospitality and F&B related businesses.

In case you are looking for a web design, click here. And if you need someone to help you design your hospitality or F&B branding, then click here.

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