Top 10 Things Every Coffee Shop Website Should Have

Coffee shops are a go-to spot for people of any age to lounge and enjoy a cup of joe, but people are unlikely to visit your coffee shop if they know nothing about it. Luckily, there is an easy way to get around that – have a fantastic website for your coffee shop! About 82% of smartphone users research businesses before making an in-store purchase, so having an excellent website to showcase your coffee shop is a must. Here is a quick look at the 10 things you need to make a coffee shop website!

Coffee shop website homepage

1. Your Coffee Shop Menu

We all know what the main attraction of coffee shops is – your coffee. Therefore, you need to have a clear display of what you have to offer. Otherwise, people will click away from your website if they do not know what to expect from your coffee shop.

Your website for a coffee shop should contain all of your menu items. Adding a few pictures to show off what your menu items look like is a huge bonus. Remember, it is way easier to entice people with a delicious-looking photo rather than just the name. It would also be great to add some short descriptions for your menu items; this will be great for customers with concerns, preferences, and allergies.

2. Promote Your Products

Many coffee shops offer more than tasty snacks and drinks. Tons of coffee shops offer collectible mugs, books, gift cards, coffee beans, etc. If you sell any of these items that are not on your menu, be sure to give them some spotlight on your website as well. The best coffee shop website will be able to promote your products and menu at the same time. So, you can have a page that features your menu and another for your products.

3. Simple is better on a Coffee Shop Website

It can feel tempting to have an incredibly intricate and unique website to truly stand out. However, an overwhelming website can deter potential customers from browsing your site. A simple coffee shop website design trumps a complicated one any day. While the layout may look plain, we need to focus on how easy it is to browse. That way, your customers can find what they want without issues.

coffee shop website design

4. The Devil is in the Details

Let’s face it – there are tons of coffee shops in every major city. Even small towns have their fair share of coffee shops, so what can make your coffee shop stand out from the rest? We mentioned earlier that a reasonably basic coffee shop website design is ideal for browsing. However, you need to focus on key details to make your brand distinct.

For instance, let us say your coffee shop has a jungle-like theme. You can add a few accent drawings to your website like trees, animals, etc. (not too many) to add a bit of flair to your website. 

5. Stick to a Color Palette

Colors are more important than you think; your business’s color palette will help your customers associate those colors with your brand. Color consistency is also crucial. For instance, you will not see Starbucks suddenly slap red on their brand unless it is Christmas; even if they do, green and brown will be their main colors, and the red will be an accent color.

Plus, color conveys experiences and emotions which you can make your customers feel. “Happy” cafes will have fun, warm colors like yellow and orange. “Chill” cafes will use greens, blues, browns, etc., to make customers relaxed. 

6. Choose a Great Font

Ideally, your website’s typeface, or font, should match the typeface you used for your coffee shop. However, that does not mean you should use the same font for everything; save that “signature” typeface for your brand name, certain products, etc. 

As for the rest of your website, it mostly depends on your brand’s personality. Got a modern cafe? Opt for a clean font, and stay away from handwritten-like ones. Got a fairy-tail-themed cafe? Choose easy-to-read cursive fonts that look handwritten. 

Keep in mind that readability trumps everything. It does not matter if the font looks nice – your customers have to be able to read it. Be sure the font matches your brand without being hard to read and upstaging the rest of your content. 

7. Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone uses their phone to look up websites and reviews because it is more convenient than opening their computer. Therefore, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. You want your website to be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. 

8. Showcase Your Employees

Smaller cafes often have a team of passionate employees; usually ones you would call your family. Many people love their local coffee shops because they know their baristas. You want to gain potential customer’s trust and show that you employ only the best of the best. So, you should give new customers the chance to get to know yours before entering your shop. 

Coffee Shop Website from de Koffieschenkerij in Amsterdam

9. Your Contact Information

Many customers may have concerns or questions about your coffee shop. “Do you have dairy-free options?” “Do you have high chairs for my baby?” Customers are more likely to enter a shop they are familiar with, so having your contact information easily accessible will let your customers contact you to answer their questions. Offer a variety of contact information that they can use: telephone number, cellphone number, e-mail, etc.

10. Your Location

Now that your customers want to go to your coffee shop, thanks to your coffee shop’s website, you have to let them know where it is. You need to make it easy to find your coffee shop’s location on your site. Adding a few helpful directions and landmarks can make it easier for customers to spot your shop.

You can add this to your Contact Us page on your website. Alternately, you can make a whole page for your location. Adding an extra page for your shop location is ideal if you have multiple branches. If you have one coffee shop, it is perfectly fine to add your location to your Contact Us page.

You should never overlook your website, especially if you want your coffee shop to shine. Be sure to get your coffee shop’s website ready for new customers to look at by using our list of tips to make the best coffee shop website!

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