Who am I, the girl behind Tremento Hospitality Marketing & Advertising?

About Tremento Hospitality Marketing and Advertising
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My blog is full of articles. Posts about destination marketing, hospitality brands, visual identities. Tons of examples and ideas on how to get more people to engage and follow with your hotel, hostel, restaurant or café. Step-by-step tools to build and grow your business. But who am I, the writer behind all those hospitality marketing related posts?

Strategy and Content for Hospitality Brands

My name is Caroline. I’m a young designer, fortunate enough to travel the world, live in different countries. I am obsessed with anything related to media, marketing and communication. I love building brands, helping them to engage with their audience, both online and offline. Besides this I’m very passionate about travel and hospitality. I’d say going out for lunch, grabbing a coffee and staying at all sorts of accommodations is one of my favorite things to do. Especially if it’s a smaller establishment which succeeds in providing me with an incredible experience. About roughly 1,5 year ago I discovered that I could combine these passions into one amazing job. I’m now a content strategist and creator for hospitality brands.

From the first ideas to creation and distribution

I enable hospitality brands to thrive in their communication and marketing. With my help, a brand is able to increase its following, visitors and therefore revenue. I do this by working together closely with the owner or marketing manager. I then dive into their target audience and make sure I know exactly what that audience needs and demands. I find the right combinations, the sparks. And then I create a rock solid strategy, followed by all the necessary content. And when necessary, I’m also there for the distribution part. Planning and scheduling social media posts, blog posts, videos and so on.

About Tremento Hospitality Marketing and Advertising
Photo by Tom van Dongen

We talk, we create. Together. 

Marketing has always been of interest to me but it’s the combination with hospitality which turns it into my passion. I never work with a brand that I feel like isn’t the right fit. To me, communication is key. An iterative process where me and the brand truly work together to achieve the best results. The conversation sparks the creation. When you work with me, be prepared to be confronted with questions more than just once. We won’t meet only once at the start of the process and then ‘whoop’ – 3 weeks later you’re final product’s on the table without you having seen it in between. That’s not my style.

Kitesurf is another passion of mine - About me - Tremento Hospitality Marketing
Kitesurf is another passion of mine 🙂

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