Find your hospitality brand’s purpose with these 3 questions

Your brand’s purpose might be the easiest and at the same time the hardest ‘basic’ building block to establish. It’s everything. And it’s probably what got you started in the first place. But a purpose can also develop over time.

What is a brand purpose? 

Your brand’s purpose is why you exist. What do you believe in, what are you fighting for? What pain points are you solving, what problem in the (hospitality/tourism) world?

This is not a mission statement! It’s more than that. It goes deeper. When we look at mission statements of hotels, we’ll find incredibly general things. Like ‘To be the world’s leading boutique hotel chain’. Your purpose goes a step back. Why are you even doing this? What is your main motivation?

Find your brand's purpose - Content Marketing Strategy

4 Hospitality Brands who’ve figured it out 

Remember when you were still in school and had to complete a difficult assignment? That same assignment became much easier once you had seen a good example, right?

I know. That’s why I want to show you some hospitality brands who have succeeded in phrasing their brand’s purpose, also called promise. I’m currently working on a content marketing strategy framework for hospitality brands. It’s almost done and will soon be available for anyone who’s part of the Tremento Tribe! No member yet? Then sign up now.

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1: Hotel con Corazón

Hotel con Corazón, a hotel in Granada, Nicaragua, was established with one main purpose: help developing countries to build a brighter future by investing 100% of the hotel profits in education and work.

Hotel con Corazón - Hospitality Brand Purpose - Content Marketing Strategy
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2: Local Alike

Local Alike is an online marketplace where you can find curated travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia. They want to create opportunities for locals communities and businesses to better their livelihoods through tourism.

3: Good Hotel

Good Hotel is a hotel that offers long-term unemployed locals a unique hospitality training and the chance to break their cycle of poverty. They want to redefine the model of how business is done – combining doing business with doing good and quality.

4: Cocomama

Cocomama aims to be the bridge between a hotel and a hostel. Combining the luxury of a boutique hotel with the international and cosy vibe of a hostel – so you don’t have to choose. Because neither could the owners.

3 questions to discover your brand’s purpose 

So this is what you are here for. 3 questions to define your brand’s purpose. To be honest, these shouldn’t be too hard to answer. If they are, then you should absolutely consider taking some time off work to figure this out. Talk with people, brainstorm, think and reconsider. This is the core of your brand. If you don’t know why you do what you do, how are you going to go through with it for longer than, say, a week? This is ultimately what it all boils down to. So get it right.

1. What problem are you solving / what need are you fulfilling?

2. How does your purpose benefit the guest?

3. Why is, what you are doing, important?


Knowing your purpose is key to set up an efficient content marketing strategy. It’s one of those essential buildings blocks you can’t go without. If you don’t know why you do what you do, then how are you supposed to convince someone else? Your content is really just a tool to spread your message – and your message is completely based upon your purpose. So there you go: you can’t thrive without getting to the root of your existence.

Did you enjoy this post? Then please let me know in the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you come across any inspiring examples from hotels or hostels creating content, please do share.

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