15 Fantastic AirBnB Interior Design Ideas New Hosts Should See

Designing an AirBnB can be tricky, especially if you are stuck on ideas. The best way to get started is by looking for inspiration in the right places. Here is a quick look at 15 great AirBnB interior design ideas from well-established hosts.

1. Start Glamping

Who says camping has to be boring? Take a look at this rental that takes “glamping” to a whole new level. This rental perfectly encapsulates the aspect of being in nature, while staying stylish and modern. Here is some inspiration from a fellow AirBnB host:

“Know who you want to attract and design for that market. We could have designed for fisher people, but we wanted to create an experience for families. Our design, which was done by my daughter, spoke to the market we wanted to attract. Second, make it eclectic. We drew upon family vacations to Italy. France. Croatia. Crete. We borrowed elements from our shared family experience. This gives the design a longer shelf life because it’s not based on a single design sense. It’s broader. Didn’t fall into the “cabin” thing of clunky wooden furniture and pinewoods. Rather offers something for everyone.

2. Cabin Chic

Another take on glamping is by going for a cabin chic look for your rental. This is another excellent option if you are surrounded by the forest and lakes, but want to keep some more of the cozy cabin vibes. A great example is from this AirBnB host, who retained some modern hints while making their rental inviting.

“I use Pinterest and mood boards and do my thing. This one was during covid so it was all about clean and white, yet still cabin. I call it, ‘cabin chic’!

3. Beach 

A beach theme is always a welcome addition to a rental, especially if your rental is close to a beach. However, the key is to not go overboard with the theme. You can choose a few summery colors and shades of light blue to accent the room, but the main color of most of the furniture should be white and light brown. If you do not want to incorporate a beachy theme in the entire rental, you can opt for a single room. For instance, many hosts add like to use beach AirBnB interior design ideas as their inspiration for their bathrooms.

4. Minimalism

When you are in doubt but know you want a clean look, then you can never go wrong with a minimalistic theme. This is especially true if your rental has a fantastic architecture that you want to show off. Take note of what this host has to say about minimalism and their rental:

“Go minimal to let their art and architecture shine through.”

Conley House

5. Opt for a Statement Piece

Let’s say that you already chose a minimalist vibe for your rental, but you feel like it is lacking something special. Luckily, you do not have to revamp the whole place to add a bit of flair. A basic statement piece can make a room feel more luxe. For instance, one statement vase or piece of artwork can be the focus of a room. Even painting one wall a different color can add a lot of depth.

6. Homey

Some people just want a rental that feels like a home away from home, so why not make your rental feel like one? If you like the way your actual home looks and feels, you can replicate that in your rental. Here is a great example and quote from a host who showcases their cozy AirBnB:

“I designed this space first as my home, designing it how I want my home to look and feel.”

One of the best AirBnB interior design ideas is to make the place feel and look as homey as possible.

7. Kid-Friendly Decoration

A lot of people want rentals that allow kids, but you do not want to worry about kids wrecking your interior either. Luckily, there is a way around that. Opt for statement pieces like vintage lighting fixtures that kids can’t grab. You can also make it fun for the kids by adding fun decor, like a chalkboard wall in one of the rooms. 

8. Go Vintage

Who says all fantastic AirBnB interior design ideas have to cost an arm and a leg? You can make it look amazing while staying on a budget by opting for vintage furniture, which is an aesthetic that a lot of people love. The best bets for vintage furniture are ones made out of metal, leather, and wood because they last long and look fantastic.

9. Use Your Local Attractions 

Does your AirBnB feature a lot of amenities around it? Then do not be afraid to show it off! Most people love rentals that have fun attractions next to them, especially if the rental is themed around that. For instance, this ski lodge has a fun summer vibe with cozy “lodge” aesthetics.

“I’m pretty proud of my little Airbnb that’s next to a ski mountain, and I decorated it around that theme!”

The Northridge at Camel Back

10. Add a Pop of Color

For people that are worried about color clashing, there is no need to fear. You can choose a fairly neutral color palette for the majority of your furniture. After you got that done, you can add a few accent colors to make it pop. Let’s say that your main colors are white, black, and grey, so you can use red throw pillows to make your room look more dynamic.

11. Choose Local

One of the greatest AirBnB interior design ideas is to always choose local. While this may not be a theme in itself, it is still an affordable and effective way to beautifully decorate a rental. Take a look at what this AirBnB host says about how they decorated their rental. 

Work with as many local artisans as possible! We teamed up with our Amish for all cabinets, trim, flooring, and 200-year-old barn beams! The pricing was very reasonable and the quality is exceptional.”

Secluded Luxury House

12. Don’t Forget the Floor

A lot of people forget that they can use their floors to decorate, too. An accent rug may be all that you need to tie a room together. For instance, a fun and eclectic rug can be a welcoming addition to a minimal room. A cozy, basic rug can make a vintage theme look more inviting.

13. Use Necessities as Decor

You do not actually have to go all out on your rental’s decor (unless you want to). You can actually “decorate” your AirBnB by using the items that should be in that room to match your theme. For instance, let’s say that you have a beach-themed rental, and want to decorate the bathroom. You can get towels and other bathroom accessories with beachy colors and styles to tie it all together. 

14. Know Your Target Audience

When decorating a rental, you are basically “selling” your rental to people. So, you want to know who your customers are. Let’s say that you are next to an amusement park, so a lot of your potential renters would be families with kids. So, you can incorporate AirBnB interior design ideas that exude warmth and fun, while still being kid-friendly. 

15. Be Consistent

Regardless of whatever AirBnB interior design ideas you choose to be inspired by, it is most important to stay consistent in designing your AirBnB. Choose a niche, and just stick with it. When you incorporate too many themes and colors into a room, it gets overwhelming and uncomfortable. Instead, make your rental warm and inviting by sticking to a single theme.

Get inspired by these 15 AirBnB Interior Design Ideas

Coming up with AirBnB interior design ideas does not have to be scary, especially when you got the right inspiration. You can take any of these AirBnB design ideas to help make your rental a designer’s dream. 

Once you’ve established the main aesthetic of your AirBnB rental, these evergreen tips on making the most out of your bed-and-breakfast would definitely come in handy.

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