5 Effective AirBnB Marketing Techniques to Implement in 2021

2020 was a tough year for AirBnB hosts, but luckily things are looking up for business this 2021. So far, people seem to be booking a lot on AirBnB. However, that means every AirBnB host will be on top of their game, so you need to find unique and effective ways to market your AirBnB. Here is a quick look at some excellent AirBnB marketing techniques you need to try for the rest of 2021.

1. Take High-Quality Photos

One of the first things a potential guest will look at in an AirBnB listing is the home or apartment photos. Most guests will judge their decisions about staying in an AirBnB by the pictures, so it is crucial to leave a good impression. Therefore, taking high-quality photos of your AirBnB is a must if you want to level up your AirBnB marketing strategy. If you have a good camera on your phone, that should work, but that will not leave a lasting impression on your potential renters. 

It is worth splurging on a photographer to get the best possible shots of your AirBnB. You can ask your photographer friends to do it at a more affordable price if you are on a budget. Keep in mind that pictures make a huge difference, so try not to skimp on a photographer’s fee. A professional photographer will be able to capture the best parts of your AirBnB to entice clients to rent it out.

2. Show Off Your Amenities

Let’s face it – your AirBnB is more than just the home or apartment that you are renting out. Many renters want to look for AirBnBs that offer incredible amenities. If your AirBnB is next to some great spots, do not be afraid to show them off! That way, your customers will have something fun to do when they step out of your AirBnB.

Tips From Us 

Do not be shy about what your location has to offer. For instance, if your AirBnB is only 10-15 minutes away from a famous amusement park or a well-loved restaurant, mention it in your advertisements. These amenities will make your AirBnB look much more desirable than other AirBnBs that do not show off the surrounding locations.

Tips From Other Hosts 

“We live next to Wister State Park and Lake and are also in the Ouachita Forest. We also have the fortune of being within an hour’s distance of multiple state parks and even a national park, so I plug all these amazing amenities as short day trips that can be taken during guest’s stay at our cottage. I think any outdoor amenities you can mention in your description is ideal.”

Tammy Rush-Sirmon, Wister Ridge Cottage

We sell our cottage’s story.

It’s been in my family for over 75 years and has a unique and interesting history. It actually started out its life as a chicken coup and grain storage, was a one-room schoolhouse, and even had a boat built inside of it. We’ve used the idea that each guest becomes a part of our family and the cottage then becomes their family cottage too. We live in MN cabin country so this is a draw for families who don’t have a family cabin of their own.

Deanna Ek-Pangerl Steiner, www.thecottagevacations.com 

I’ve primarily been utilizing business cards in the rental to encourage guests to give to family and friends. I’ve also been getting ideas for my listing from these pages and have been updating them as I go along. I have a long-term renter (3 mos) checking in tomorrow but I plan on launching a Facebook page in early March to further reach out to locals. I also plan on reaching out to area wedding venues in the spring to make sure they’re aware of my STR. I’ve been a bit hesitant to go all out since I’m new to STRs and also with Covid. I plan to hit it harder in the spring.

Cindy Keck Trimble, https://AirBnB.com/h/carriagehouseliberty 
Four women laughing happily while in front of a lavender garden

Tips From The Experts

Here’s a few AirBnB marketing tips from people who have established a reputation in the AirBnB business, that are worth taking note of:

I made business cards with my AirBnB logo with the URL to my listing. I pass them out all the time.

AirBnB Community

Create a brand for your AirBnb. Make a unique logo and name for your rental. That way, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

AirBnB Blog

Asking for reviews is a way to turn your guests into advocates for your rental. You can encourage your guests by asking them when they check out to leave a review of your AirBnB. Be sure to only ask them once to avoid seeming pushy.

AirBnB Blog

3. Make Use of Social Media

Almost everyone is online nowadays, and you can surely bet that nearly everybody has a social media account. Social media is a crucial vacation rental marketing strategy, so you cannot rely on your listings alone. You can make a Facebook page and an Instagram account for your rental to show off all the property, amenities, etc., that it has to offer. Plus, your renters can tag your location or social media account, making it look like reviews to potential renters!

Another bonus social media has to offer is its nifty marketing tools. For instance, free tools like hashtags can get your AirBnB seen by more people, making it a free and easy AirBnB marketing trick on sites where hashtags can help your over-all reach, such as Instagram and Twitter. You can also pay for ads on Instagram and Facebook to gain more traction. People who are not actively searching for an AirBnB will still see your rental if it is related to their past searches, thanks to how social media targets ads to its users.

Establishing a social media presence is a great AirBnB marketing technique

4. Create a Good Title

There are tons of AirBnB listings available, so you need to figure out how to make your rental stand out from the rest. When a potential renter looks for AirBnBs, they will browse the listings and glance over each one. Potential renters will look at the title, and they will only click on the listing if it seems interesting. Therefore, you need a captivating title that will encourage people to click your listing.

Think about what your AirBnB has to offer and use that to your advantage when you make your title. For example, let’s say that you have a beach-themed rental with a pool. A basic title like “2 Bedroom 1 Bath home” will not attract customers. Instead, using a title like “Beach-Themed 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Home with Pool” will catch more people’s eyes, and they will be more likely to click your AirBnB listing!

5. Set a Competitive Price

Surprisingly, setting the right price is another essential part of an AirBnB marketing plan. Renters will likely look at tons of AirBnBs and compare them all, so you want your AirBnB to look like a great deal. First, analyze the competition; you need to understand what the AirBnB occupancy rates are in your area and how much revenue your competition generates. 

A good rule of thumb is to set your AirBnB at a fairly low price if you just started out. You want to price it just high enough to generate some revenue and be more affordable than listings near you with similar amenities and details. Therefore, you might be lowballing your AirBnB rate for the first few months, but you can slowly raise the price as you get positive reviews. That way, new renters will see that your AirBnB is worth it, so they’d be willing to pay for it if there are tons of reviews!

Another effective AirBnB marketing trick is setting a competitive price

Step up your game with these AirBnB Marketing Techniques!

AirBnB has a fairly competitive market, especially since more people will be renting this 2021. AirBnB hosts need to step up their marketing game by utilizing any of the efficient AirBnB marketing techniques above.

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