Bed and breakfast marketing: Why should you use social media for your b&b, hotel, inn, or guesthouse?

Have you been thinking about integrating social media into your B&B (bed and breakfast) marketing? You must have come across competitors, making the most of some popular social media platforms in your area. To compete and stay in the race you should also consider creating a strong online presence. Social media can work wonders in attracting and reaching new customers without investing much.

Things to Keep In Mind When Adding Social Media into Your Bed and Breakfast Marketing Strategy

While you are doing the above, you must also consider doing things correctly and avoiding basic mistakes. Some mistakes can prove to be costly. And, we’re here to make sure you don’t make those mistakes! 

Select the Right Channels

Now going social doesn’t mean you will be everywhere. Your B&B or guest house needs to be branded correctly to attract guests. Select the right channels and stay aware of the platforms where your guests would most probably be. For instance, Pinterest is a great site to share photos and infographics about your place and activities. Through graphics, you can keep your guests updated. 

Similarly, Instagram is the place if you are looking to reach young customers. Also, create your YoutTube channel and update videos of the property, activities, and direct customer interviews. It would immensely help your customers know how right your place is. Facebook and Twitter are also a must considering most people have an account on these social media platforms.
What’s a Bed and Breakfast without a good breakfast?

Understand your Customers

You have been in business for quite some time and have a fair idea about the likes and dislikes of your guests. Hence you can use these social media channels to promote things that are loved and appreciated at your place. Apart from posting and sharing content, you can also search your customers and send them messages regarding special offers and discounts. 

This is effective as you cannot expect each of your targeted guests to have seen your shares on any of the social media platforms. Also, you may use the dedicated tools provided by these platforms offering insights to consumer behavior. It gives an overall idea of how your posts have been doing. It eventually lets you analyze if your campaign is going in the right direction.

The content was and is the King

Design content that is approachable and genuine. The content needs to attract your audience, and insights into the audience’s behavior give you a fair idea as to how your promotions have been perceived until now. It should connect with your audience and provide them something meaningful. Besides being helpful, content should also be enjoyable and align with your bed and breakfast marketing strategy.

Engage & tap the opportunity

We have always been told to hear our customers. For perfect feedback, interacting is supposedly the best approach. Treat each interaction with your customer as an opportunity to promote your B&B or inn. Having an active social media profile requires you to answer questions or comments posted by the guests. 

Never ignore them and make sure you take time to respond to each query, review, or private messages. Appreciate a positive review and reply to the customer. On the other hand, be humble and accept negative reviews while promising to improve your services in the future.

Creating high-quality content is the key to crushing your bed and breakfast marketing!

If you’re looking for some Instagram inspiration on how to approach your Bed and Breakfast marketing strategy, check out Tremento Hospitality blog post on how Little Dolce B&B does it.

What are the benefits of Integrating Social Media to Your Bed and Breakfast Marketing Strategy?

Now that we know what we should be doing when integrating a social media campaign let’s look at the benefits they offer. 

  • Find New customers: It allows you to reach prospective customers near and far from your property. Enhance your visibility and increase traffic to your website. 
  • Enhance Brand Visibility: Branding is the key to success in today’s competitive world. Social Media promotions offer you the best opportunity to promote your brand and let people know about the kind of services and comfort you offer. 
  • Affiliation: When starting social networking, you will come across similar business owners or people of your kind. It allows you to discuss the current issues of the market. You may even sell ad spaces and exchange with each other to promote businesses and swap leads. 
  • Increase Word-Of-Mouth Publicity: Besides a platform to promote, sharing content through social media increases the chances of having word-of-mouth promotions. Satisfied customers would talk about your services and property. Positive reviews would, in turn, encourage other customers and make them more confident when booking their stay at your place. 
  • Inexpensive Advertising: The costs of social media promotion when compared to any other form of advertisement is way less. Replacing the traditional marketing strategies and using social media websites for promoting your property requires a minimal proportion of the costs you might have incurred when promoting through conventional marketing platforms.

Our top 5 strategies:

  1. Publish and share professionally shot pictures of your property 
  2. Share updates about various activities being organized at your place
  3. Promote seasonal offers and discounts 
  4. Share pictures of your team
  5. Share positive reviews from direct customers

Final thoughts

The hospitality industry has always been one of the most diverse industries across the planet. You would ever come across numerous innovative ideas adopted by people to promote their products and services. Social media came into existence almost more than a decade back, but B&B’s guest houses or inns have not managed to make the most of it. While bigger hotels have certainly used these platforms to expand their businesses, the smaller competitors are still learning to make the best use of these platforms. Hence, it is the perfect time to integrate the best social media strategies for your B&B/inn/guest house and look to take your business to another level.

Tremento is here to help small entrepreneurs and hospitality businesses. Sign up for the Tremento Tribe (wait list) if you want to truly level up your social media game.

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