Bed and Breakfast Instagram Marketing: how Little Dolce B&B does it.

You scroll through Instagram, check out the explore feed, and then land upon this one Instagram profile that just completely hooks you in. You’ve just GOT to look at every. single. picture. It turns out to be a B&B and the only thing you can think of, is when, how, and with whom you are going to book a stay. Sounds familiar? This is Bed and Breakfast Instagram Marketing at its best.

This is exactly what happens when you land on the page of @little_dolce_bedandbreakfast. A perfect example of social media marketing done right. This beautiful bed and breakfast describes itself as “The most characteristic B&B of Lecce” in its tagline. And that may very well be true. 

Why Little Dolce B&B rocks at Instagram Marketing:

First of all, let’s quickly sum up why we think Little Dolce B&B does well on Instagram:

  • Regularly posting: consistency is key on Instagram
  • Engaging captions, truly telling a story
  • Interaction with fans: replying to comments
  • A well-structured profile, everything is set-up, including Instagram Highlights, a link to the website, and so on
  • Active on Instagram Stories

Before I move on, let me show you a few photos from Bed and Breakfast @littledolce’s Instagram, so you can judge by yourself.
Bed and Breakfast Instagram Marketing: show off your area!
Don’t just leave it at pretty images: tell a story

How did Little Dolce B&B come to life?

The Little Dolce bed and breakfast is located in the historical centre of Lecce, a baroque city in Italy. It’s owned by the Dutch Joelle, who decided to drastically change her life back in 2013, leaving Amsterdam and her day job as a fashion designer.

Joelle tells us: “Actually, a bed and breakfast was not my first goal. My dream was more like a beach club, lunch place or coffeehouse. My only real requirement was that the beach had to be close by. But then, this property popped up as an opportunity and it was so beautiful and characteristic, that I couldn’t say no to it.”

How did you promote the Little Dolce B&B at the start? 

I decided to be part of the Dutch TV show “Ik Vertrek”. Not because I really wanted to be on TV, but purely for publicity, because Puglia was not known at all 6 years ago. There was hardly any publicity or articles about it in the magazines or travel guides. The TV show worked very well. Two years later they came back to record a “how is it now” episode. A lot had changed by then and this new episode was, again, very good publicity.

What do you think makes Little Dolce B&B such a success? 

The personal attention I give to the guests. You have to run a bed and breakfast with passion, otherwise, there won’t be any atmosphere or conviviality. People feel that they recognize that. I guess you also need to have it in you, you know, running a B&B. I try to let my guests feel right at home the second they enter. On holiday at home, so to speak. Exactly how I would like to be treated if I go on vacation.
Be open, communicate, share your wins and losses!

What role does social media marketing play for Little Dolce B&B? 

In the beginning, I did little with regards to social media, but I’ve noticed it is very important. You can attract a lot of potential guests to your profile, for free, if you put in the effort. This will eventually generate more bookings.

What do you recommend to other B&B owners in the field of social media marketing? 

Above all: do it! Be active on social media. It takes a lot of time, but in the end, it’s the easiest way to create publicity and put yourself in the spotlight.

Just recently Joelle and her boyfriend bought a trullo (@little_dolce_trullo), a typical, characteristic house in Puglia. They will transform this into a charming holiday villa. So yes, Little Dolce is expanding!

Do you feel inspired? Then definitely check out the Little Dolce website and book a stay! Joelle will surely help you to answer all your questions up front. 

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