Optimize your Vacation Rental SEO with these 4 Effective Tricks

Having your very own vacation rental website is one of the best ways to attract more potential renters and, in turn, get more business. You have a whole site for your specific property that potential customers can refer to. However, you need to make the most out of your website by implementing vacation rental SEO techniques. While learning and implementing vacation rental SEO is a rather challenging task especially for beginners, there is a way to conquer that mountain and start driving traffic to your site. Here are four practical tricks that will help you boost your website among others like itself.

Learn Your Keywords

One of the first things you need to do is to learn about keywords. Keywords are phrases and words that people use in search engines like Google to find something. For our case, our main keyword will likely be AirBnB, vacation rental, staycation, etc. 

However, everyone should try to look for their specific keywords since each person and business is different. For instance, you would use the keyword vacation rental in Houston if your rental is in Houston, Texas. If your property has a pool, then you can use vacation rental with a pool. It is good to have a lot of keywords ready to add to your website.

Do not be scared to opt for some “competitive” keywords as well. Choosing specific keywords can help you find more niche renters that want a rental just like yours. For instance, let’s say that you have a bed and breakfast in New York, you can sneak “bed and breakfast New York” into your website. 

Focus on Your Content

So, where will you use these keywords? You will add them to the main content of your website. Other than photos, you will likely have to describe what your rental is. That is the perfect opportunity to add your keywords strategically to your website. 

You do not have to get stuck with the basic description either. You can add a whole page describing the history, process, inspiration, etc., that went into making your rental what it is today. You can show off reviews from your past renters (especially if it happens to feature a keyword), write blog posts, and more.

Tennessee Glamping, for instance, has managed to incorporate their booking system, testimonials from renters, amenities, and activities offered, and even Youtube videos featuring their property on their website.

Make your website content-rich to better optimize your vacation rental website

Do Not Try “Keyword Stuffing”

Despite what we said earlier about how important keywords and content are, you should avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Keyword stuffing is when you repeat keywords over and over again. Search engines recognize this as a cheap way to get “better” results. When this happens, the search engines actually put your website further down the results page. To truly optimize your vacation rental website, stick to using one keyword for every 1-3 paragraphs, or 1-3 times per website page.

Optimize your Website Images and Photos

If you haven’t known yet, Google can actually read your images. Optimizing the photos and images on your website will benefit your vacation rental SEO greatly. Image optimization is pretty simple to do, and the three main things you should do are:

1. Keep image file sizes under 100KB when you can.

2. Use the Alt Text option to add descriptions to describe the image (like “rental in Hawaii”).

3. Change the file names to ones that describe the property, like “apartment in California.”

Optimize your vacation rental website by optimizing your website images.

Start Implementing Vacation Rental SEO Today!

SEO techniques are crucial in the era of technology, and they should never be overlooked when making any kind of website. Learn the tips above to make your vacation rental website more visible in the search engine results to get more bookings.

Better yet, to get started on your website, enlist our website design services to create the perfect site for your property!

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