100 Fancy Restaurant Names for You Plus Essential Tips

Any restaurant needs a fantastic name to match their theme, but figuring out ideas for fancy restaurant names can be tough. You want it to be catchy, but still scream “luxurious” to your potential customers. 

Luckily, the key to searching for fancy restaurant name ideas is by looking for great advice and some inspiration. Here is a fancy restaurant names list to spark your imagination. 

3 Crucial Tips in Naming your Restaurant

1. Be Creative

With fancy restaurant names, there is more room to be creative. You do not have to stick that closely to most rules since you want to make yourself stand out and appear interesting to customers. 

For instance, Chickenvio takes a spin on your restaurant’s specialty if it is chicken, while adding a bit of flair to make it more interesting.

2. Less is More

While you do have freedom to explore and be creative with a fancy restaurant food name, that does not mean you should go overboard. You still want your customers to easily remember your restaurant’s name. 

Let’s say that you want something similar to: The Luxurious and Grand Bar and Grill. That name would be too long for most people to remember. So, opting for “The Lux Bar and Grill” may be better.

3. Try a Different Language

You do not have to stick to an English name, especially if your restaurant serves a foreign cuisine. For instance, Estadio is a great restaurant found in Washington that uses a different language for their restaurant’s name.

Here are 100 fancy restaurant name ideas that may strike your fancy:


  1. Gala Chicken
  2. Chickenvio
  3. Grove Chicken


  1. Nouveau Dragon
  2. Carte Dragon
  3. Ague Dragon
  4. Barons Dragon
  5. Zesty Dragon
  6. Aroma Dragon
  7. Devine Dragon


  1. Cantina Luxe
  2. Hilltop Luxe
  3. Luxe Craves
  4. Luxe Flames
  5. Spicy Luxe
  6. Luxe Nibbles


  1. Hearty Bliss
  2. Blissful Craves
  3. Blissorzo


  1. Secret Nova
  2. Nova Rolls
  3. Novabea 
  4. Citron Nova
  5. Novaooze
  6. Divine Nova


  1. Lion Smoke
  2. Smokeonus
  3. Smoke Deck


  1. Roastooze
  2. Cantina Roast
  3. Presto Roast
  4. RoastLux
  5. Roastado


  1. Reservation Noir
  2. Noirio
  3. Twilight Noir
  4. Tale Noir
  5. Noir Local
  6. Noir Chef
  7. Coastal Noir


  1. Rose Grill
  2. Crave Rose
  3. Secluded Rose
  4. The Rose Saloon
  5. Rose Havana
  6. Rose Trattoria


  1. Secret Tastes
  2. Hidden Tastes + Taps
  3. Bay Tastes
  4. Lux Tastes + Taps
  5. Upscale Tastes


  1. Tavernio
  2. Gusto Tavern
  3. Hummingbird Tavern
  4. The Midnight Tavern
  5. Moment Tavern
  6. The Uptown Tavern
  7. Divine Tavern


  1. The Luxx Club
  2. Supreme Supper Club
  3. Artisan Dining Club
  4. The Cantina Club
  5. Spices Club


  1. Artisan Crave Place
  2. The Appetite Place
  3. Vivid Pig Place
  4. Cantina Place


  1. Velvet Flame House
  2. The Artisnal Steakhouse
  3. Regal Garden House


  1. Glass BIstro
  2. Bistro Cuts
  3. Bon Plate Bistro
  4. Bronze Bistro
  5. La Vida Bistro
  6. The Bistro Bay
  7. The Lion Bistro
  8. The Indigo Bistro
  9. The Central Bistro
  10. The Bistro Dock
  11. The Bistro Bites
  12. Amber Roux Bistro
  13. Purple Escape Bistro

Bar and Grille

  1. Old Stone Bar and Grille
  2. Lily Bar and Grille
  3. Wanderer’s Bar and Grille
  4. The Daily Bar and Grille
  5. Queen’s Bar and Grille

Miscellaneous (Fun and Unique Name Ideas)

  1. Boozy Cellar
  2. Appetite Cellar
  3. Uptown Devil
  4. Crave Zen
  5. Binger-y
  6. Baroquevia
  7. Nu Appetite 
  8. First Fig n Co.
  9. Royal Cloud Lounge
  10. Casa de Nomad Kitchen
  11. Bon Heron & Co.
  12. Runaway Whisk

Brainstorming fancy restaurant names inspiration

Coming up with fancy restaurant names does not have to be difficult when you have the right inspiration. The tips and list above are a great way to push you in the right path to finding the perfect name for your fancy restaurant.

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