DIKNEK – Unique and Fun Branding & Packaging Design

Creative Director: Caroline Claassen
Graphic Designer:Aldrin Sy
Client:Hungry Belgians
Client Location:Belgium
Type of Project:Complete Branding & Packaging Design

DIKNEK is a new sauce brand that will blow your mind in many different ways. Quality, flavours, craziness. DIKNEK has it all.

We started working on this DIKNEK branding and packaging design project at the end of February 2021. 5 months later, we ended up with 25 unique labels. One for every sauce. Each label includes the by us created mascot: DIKNEK.

The total branding and packaging project includes 100+ illustrations, two logos, two brand books, a character book, 25 mock-ups, a bathrobe, necklace and flip flop design, a brochure, flyers, a website including a webshop, 15 Lottie animations and 100 kilos of Belgium fries (we wish). And, of course, the 25 labels. 

DIKNEK sauce brand

The DIKNEK Mascot Design

Unique about the DIKNEK project is the combination of the mascot and the 25 unique labels. We developed a very easy to identify guy called DIKNEK, whose character traits easily shine through in the different labels.

The mascot, over time, developed its own character which we tried to put into every label. He’s self-confident, a bit arrogant, stupid and yet, very likeable. 

DIKNEK Trappist' Label Design

In each label, we see a part of DIKNEK’s journey, a part of his adventurous life in Belgium. He calls himself ‘the King of the Sauces’ and isn’t afraid to let everyone know that the DIKNEK sauces are simply the best.

Important to us was to show the ‘DIKNEK doesn’t care’ mentality in every label. The stories displayed on the labels are edgy and make people laugh. And that was exactly our goal!

DIKNEK Sauce Label Design

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