Nail Vacation Rental Photography with these 5 Handy Tips and Tricks

One of the most crucial parts of a vacation rental listing is good vacation rental photography because renters will judge a huge part of their decision by the photos of your property.. Renters want to see what your rental has to offer, so you need to take amazing photos of your property. In this post, we rounded out five essential tips to consider in featuring vacation rental photos that convert to bookings and sales.

Take a Photo of Every Room

It is crucial that you take a photo of every single room that is in your rental. Any potential renter wants to know what they will spend money on, so it is best to not leave anything out. Even rooms like laundry rooms are important to include, so do not leave them out.

Opt for Sunlight

Most photos look better when they are taken in daylight. You can take photos at night, but it rarely looks as good as it would in the daytime (unless you have excellent indoor lighting or good photography equipment that help achieve good lighting). A great vacation rental photography tip to go about this is to note the time of the day when sunlight enters your property the best. 

The position of the sun in your rental is important to consider when taking vacation rental photos. Say, you want the photos to look bright without the harsh rays pouring into your rental, then consider shooting photos from 10-11 am. Alternately, you can take some gorgeous “golden hour” photos if you want to add some warmth. Try to take your photos right before the sun goes down to capture the sun’s natural colors.

Helpful tip for taking vacation rental photo: shoot in daylight

Show Off Your Strengths

Your rental is likely going to have a few things that you are proud of, so do not be afraid to show them off through perfectly captured photos as well. You would want them to be the focus of that photo, helping renters learn more about what makes your place so appealing. For instance, the art displayed on your wall is an excellent feature to show off, or the fantastic pool in the backyard.

Do Not Forget the Outside

Do not skimp on the photos of the outside of your rental. Unless you live in an apartment, it is good to take photos of the exterior of your home, or at least the front of it. For apartments, you could opt to take a photo of the building, but it is not necessary. If you have a backyard, garden, patio, etc., be sure to include those into the featured photos.

Hire a Photographer (if need be)

Hiring a photographer should be up to you. Most recent phone models have excellent cameras, so you do not always need to invest in an expensive camera just for your rental’s photos. If you know how to take decent pictures and keep things in frame, then you can use your phone’s camera. 

However, taking photos well is definitely a talent. If you have shaky hands, an old camera, etc., then it may be best to hire a professional. Moreover, it may be better to hire a professional if you have gorgeous architecture and details that you want to capture.

Start Acing your Vacation Rental Photography Now!

Nothing entices potential renters more than attractive vacation rental photography that perfectly captures what your rental can offer. Taking beautiful photos for a vacation rental listing starts with the basics. Focus on taking a photo of every room and the exterior at the best time of the day. Adding a few photos to show off your rental’s best assets is also important to show potential renters everything you got. 

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