New Tremento Service: Instagram Growth

Instagram is big. We all know that.

If you’re not on Instagram, you’re basically not in the game.

With new features like Instagram Stories (more than 500 million accounts on Instagram were using stories as of January 2019, according to data from Statista), IGTV and ‘creator profiles’ the platform keeps growing.

However, just being on the platform isn’t enough. To actually get something out of the platform you need to be:

  • Consistent in posting
  • And posting visually attractive content
  • That actually SAYS something
  • And is original or at least authentic to you/your brand


But, even when ticking all those boxes, you may find you’re still not getting any results. So what can you do?

The dangers of Instagram Bots and buying followers.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been specializing in Instagram Growth. And guess what, I’ve got it. I would officially call myself an Instagram Growth Hacker.

I’ve been helping many accounts over the last few months to grow and reach more potential fans. No, no bots here. This is manual work. Because bots may target random niches, fake accounts and worthless hashtags. And each of those things does not only not bring you any results: they actually harm your account. Because those fake likes and followers will not boost your account on the Instagram algorithm.

Imagine you have 2000 followers and you only get about 15 to 20 likes per picture, and never any comments. How do you think Instagram rates that?

Or maybe you get 200 likes per picture, but every single time from different accounts, meaning: not accounts who are following you or stumble upon you organically. If you saw that, wouldn’t’ you go ‘hmm, that’s strange’? Sure you would! And so does Instagram.

Why work with Tremento?

So that’s why I do everything manually. I’ve learned myself a quick system to identify the most active followers of accounts that are either similar to yours, or very relevant to yours (for example: a coffee place > the coffee beans brand they work with). By focusing on their most active and engaging followers, and creating interaction with them, I can grow your account.

YEAH SURE. Now show me some numbers!

That’s all fun and games, but you want to see some statistics. I get that. So underneath are 6 graphs of different accounts that I’ve helped recently through the ‘1 Week Trial’. All of them have grown even more afterwards. Some of them are now going to continue with me for a longer period. If you click the graph, it will take you to the right account. So you can see for yourself what the current numbers are.

Please mind: these accounts are creating their own, valuable content. Without content they wouldn’t be able to achieve this growth. They also comment on their own posts and react to people who leave a comment. I don’t do this for them: they need to be able to maintain their own tone-of-voice.

What about some reviews?

Surely you’d like to see some reviews. No problem. You can check out my review page right here.

I will start sharing some more in-depth reports in about a month, analyzing some accounts even further (with permission of the account owner). What works, what doesn’t? Why do some accounts grow quicker in 4 weeks time than others? Et cetera.

I hope this gives some extra insight into the Instagram Growth Packages. If you are interested you can go ahead and buy one yourself in the shop! Any questions? Then just feel free to contact me.

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