The 360° Experience – Really?

Would you be more likely to share a hotel or restaurant with your friends, family and acquaintances if they offered a unique experience?

Of course you would.

You’d be the pioneer, the one who discovered this ‘cool new thing’. This is a motive often found in many recent travel research reports. 

There’s plenty of ways to create a mores “360” experience. I often hear brands I work with proudly state how “their restaurant/hotel offers a complete experience”, but… does it really? 

Are you truly putting in the effort? Couldn’t you enhance or increase the experience and atmosphere you’re trying to create a lot more?

Frequently the answer is yes. So maybe you should ask yourself: what could you do to perform better? To truly establish a 360 experience?

You might be able to grab some inspiration from this little video about the ‘Pan Am Experience’. Now that’s addressing all (offline) touch points, if you ask me.

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