The Hospitality Hashtag Playbook

What the tag? 🤯

Ok, so, you’ve heard it: you should use hashtags. But, what are hashtags? And what are people in the unicorn’s name talking about when they say ‘tag me’? And then, geotags – geowhats??? 😩

CHILL FRIENDS, we are here to help 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hashtags are #thesethings, and they help you to show up in the Instagram feed for specific keywords. People can search for #hashtags on Instagram. It works a little bit like Google. Just one important thing to remember: hashtags can’t contain spaces. And they’re more like keywords, not complete phrases.

In our The Hashtag Playbook you’ll learn everything about:

  • What hashtags are
  • Which categories of hashtags there are
  • How to find good hashtags
  • How to determine which hashtags you should use
  • And some hospitality Instagram hashtag recommendations 

Questions? You know where to reach me!

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