Travel Guide Template

Become the Lonely Planet of your area with this editable Travel Guide Template.

Categories covered are:

  • Family
  • Romantic
  • Budget
  • Foodie
  • Shopping
  • Art & Culture
  • Adventure
  • Tips

After talking to many hosts and restaurant owners around the world, we discovered how useful travel guides can be in destination marketing. When you make yourself the ‘expert’ in your area, the travel guide(!), you do a couple of things all at once:

  • You build authority
  • You reach more people
  • You can establish amazing partnerships with other brands like hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment, tour agencies and so on
  • You can establish cool partnerships with influencers (let them write parts of your travel guide and credit them!)

This template is the perfect Travel Guide template, because it’ll not only make it easy for you to create your own, mobile-optimized travel guide, but also…

  • All the fun categories are already there
  • And the texts are already written for you!

We created text swipe-files on each page in this Travel Guide Template. Just swap in your recommendations, photos and styling, and… you’re done!


The benefit of this Travel Guide Template

Besides the done-for-you design and texts, this Travel Guide Template was made with mobile phones in mind. Mobile-optimized! Meaning: you save trees, and people can’t say “that travel guide doesn’t fit in my backpack anymore”. If you do want to print the template though, then that’s no problem. You can just print them on A4 or A5 sized pages.

We wrote about destination marketing and travel guide inspiration way back in 2018 already. Using destination marketing is something we’d recommend any hotel, restaurant, AirBnB or B&B to do. If you have any questions about this guide, then reach out to us via Slack!

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