The 5 success ingredients in the Sheraton Go Beyond hotel commercial

Sheraton Hotel Commercial

Just because your name is not Sheraton, doesn’t mean you can’t make a good commercial. However, looking at the bigger brands is never a bad idea. Their commercials are ideal examples of what you could or should be thinking about. And no, you don’t necessarily need a big budget to realize the same quality of work. That’s why I want to take a look at this video by Sheraton.

Go beyond – 2017 

The video I’m sharing with you today was published May 2017 under their campaign name ‘Go Beyond’. As Sheraton says in the description of the video: “Our associates (which really means: their staff) Go Beyond every day. And that was all the inspiration we needed for our new ad campaign. Watch our associates climb to the highest heights and dive to the deepest depths to show you how, at Sheraton, we go beyond so you can too.”

Without further ado I’d suggest you now first watch the commercial before reading on.

Smart piece of content

Goosebumps? A tear? A smile on your face, maybe? A brilliant piece of branded content, that’s what you’ve just experienced. Being almost a complete movie on its own this video sucks you right in. The deep voice-over grabs your attention and the stunning imagery pleases your eye. And then there’s the bit of humor at the end which makes you smile, maybe reminds you of a young girl you know. Or you feel sorry for the Sheraton-guy. Either way, it sticks. You’ve watched the whole 1-minute-video and you didn’t get bored.

And that’s quite an accomplishment in the current wildstorm of videos on the internet.You might even feel the urge to share the video with someone you know who recently stayed at Sheraton. Even a bigger accomplishment. To be honest, this video contains exactly all the ingredients needed to be a success.

“He had no wings or a cape. He was but just a man, with the will to go beyond.”

Success Ingredients: 

So, what are those ingredients? Let me sum them up:
  • No hard-core selling here but a rather sophisticated message: we go beyond.
  • High quality video, pretty shots. And no, you don’t need a super expensive production company nowadays to achieve this. Of course the underwater shots here might be out of your reach but there are many inexpensive videographers out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to freelancers (or me).
  • A voice-over that is pleasant to listen to and doesn’t sound like he’s selling something. Instead they went for a storyteller, which is much better. We all zap away when TellSell comes on but when our grandpa starts a story about his youth, we go quiet. This voice achieves the same result.
  • Humor! The serious narrative turns funny as soon as the girl throws the bunny back in the water.
  • Timing. The video is short, yet it succeeds in communicating a complete story. Well done.
Sheraton Hotel Commercial swimming pool

Your thoughts 

What do you think of this video? Do you like it? Leave your thoughts below! I’d love to hear from you.

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This video was created by Venables Bell & Partners.

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